Book to Movie Adaptations

I am not really sure what everyone else thinks about the movie adaptations of books, but I would be really interested to find out what you think. Please let me know. Comment and just speak to me about it. I love a good discussion.


My thought on them are that most of the time when I find out that a book I really love, which let’s face it is most books that I read, then I am really sceptical about going to see the film as I always worry that it will ruin the book or just change my thoughts of the characters and the actor that is chosen to play them doesn’t fit how I see them in my head.

Most of the time it is true that the book is better and I always read the book before I go to see the film.

One of my pet peeves is when films change the storylines drastically because they either think it will be to hard to portray on film or think that it will be better to do it that way. Although my biggest is when they just totally cut out parts of the story for no real reason, Harry Potter is a huge contributed to this, although in all fairness I can see why they did have to cut out some parts of the books but at the same time I wish they hadn’t or at least just included the deleted parts as deleted scenes on the DVDS.

Okay so that was my rant for the day. Coming soon will be a few book tags and some other bits and bobs. U till I see you again goodbye for now and let me know your thoughts


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