Book Tag of Random Questions.

Book Tag

1. Authors that need more credit? Ransom Riggs. I can’t recomend this man enough.
2. Favourite autographed book? I have a book called Sand Dollar by Sebastian Coe and it was the first autographed book I got so it will always be a favourite of mine
3. Your favourite book cover? This is a hard one but it wioild probably have to be any of Carrie Hope Fletchers books
4. A book/series you recommend to everyone? Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children’s series. Its amazing.
5. A book/series that made you cry a lot? Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
6. Do you read fan fiction? Yes all the time
7. Do you write fan fiction? I used to, not so much anymore
8. What is your favorite book series? Can I say the Miss Peregrine series again?
9. Which book do you wish didn’t have a sequel? The Hunger Games.
10. Who gave you your love for reading? I think my Grandma did either her or my dad.
11. Which fictional character(s) do you wish were not killed off? Sirius Black and Fred Weasley
12. A non-fiction book you’d recommend to everyone? Carrie Hope Fletchers All I Know Now. Its really amazing and definatly worth reading.
13. Your book girlfriend/boyfriend/ fictional crush? Wait I have to pick just one? Nooe sorry the list is endless.
14. A book character you always wanted to talk to? Miss Alma Le Fay Peregrine.
15. Name a song you connect to a book? I don’t really connect songs with books, but I guess maybe The Scientist with Harry Potter Books
16. What book did everyone like but you hated? Two words, Hunger Games.
17. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take? My sisters
18. What is a lesser known series that you know of that is similar to Harry Potter or the Hunger Games? The Guardians of Time trilogy, just like Kara’s answer. People need to read it.
19. What book do you wish the author would write a prequel for? Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children (Wow that book is the answer to a lot of my questions)
20. If you ran into your favorite author on the subway and only could say one sentence to them, who is it and what would it be? Ransom Riggs and “What plans do you have for other series of books?”
21. A book villain you love to hate? Bellatrix Lestrange.
22. Have you ever spoiled a book for someone? No I just force books on people
23. A book that made you hungry? I don’t get hungry when reading. I just get lost in books and forget to eat
24. A character you didn’t want to like but still did anyway? Bellatrix Lestrange, because she killed my darling Sirius Black.
25. Your favorite book when you were a child? Come to the Circus by Enid Blyton


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