Book Haul

Recently I have bought a few books be that from charity shops, online at Amazon and various other places. I also bought a few at my local book store. So let’s get started. I will do reviews of as I read them. Currently rrading the srcond book on this list.For now I will just post the lost, but maybe tomorrow I will go in depth about each book, and my reasons for picking it up, if I get the chance.

Shift – by Em Bailey
The Hourglass Factory – By Lucy Ribchester
Its a wonderful lofe – by Julia Williams
The Book Night – by Richard Madeley
Hush Hush and Cresendo – By Becca Fitzpatrick
The Butterfly Cabinet – By Bernie McGill
Brer Rabbit Collection – by Enid Blyton
All is not forgotten – by Wendy Walker
Sympathy – by Olivia Sudjic
The Thirteenth Tale – by Diane Setterfield
Dare to Remember – By Suzanna Beard
The Madwoman Upstairs – by Catherine Lowell
The Autum Throne The Winter Crown and The Summer Queen- By Elizabeth Chadwick.

Until next time.



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