Sympathy Book Review

Sympathy-PB-2At twenty three, Alice Hare arrives in New York looking for a place to call home. Instead she finds Mizuko Himura, an online intriguing Japanese writer, who she begins to follow online, fixated from afar and increasingly convinced that this strangers’s life holds a mirror to her own. As Alice closes in on her”internet twin”, fictional and real lives begin to blur, leaving a tangle of lies, blood ties and sexual encounters that cannot be erased.

Sympathy by Olivia Sudjic
Which is the second in my list of books for the month and also the second book I am reading for my Mytholon reading challenge by FoxesFairytales and I can honestly say that I can’t put it down. Maybe that is because it has been described as Alice Through the Looking Glass for the Instagram generation, which I can’t see as of yet. Sure there are a couple of things that a religious reader of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland would notice, people like me in other words, but the story so far is almost nonsensical and I mean that my saying you think it doesn’t make much sense but at the same time it makes total sense. I would definitely recommend it, but a quick warning maybe just for people aged 15 and oved as there has been a little swearing and by the sounds of the blurb on the back there is going to be sexual encounters.
Over all I can say that I really enjoyed this book and the way that all the nonsense seemed to make no sense at all and yet at the same time perfect sense. It has definitely been one of my favourite books of the year and I know that I will always look back on it with fond Memories and will most certainly look forwards to reading it again in a few years time and seeing if I still feel the same way about it then as I do now.


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