Bret Rabbit Collection Book Review

The Brer Rabbit Collection
by Enid Blyton
I read this book as part of the reading challenge, otherwise known as
Mythothon by FoxesFairytales.As much as I loved reading this book, and all of Brer Rabbits little tricks and pranks, I found it got a little tiresome reading Brer this animal and Brer that animal every other sentence.
I certainly think think this book is aimed at younger children who have maybe just learnt to read and want to be able to read something by themselves. I flew through this book in juat a couple of hours.
I don’t regret reading it but at the same time I don’t really think I am going to have many lasting memories from yhis book, unlike how I did as a child of around ten when I read it for the first time.

Reading it from older and wiser eyes I found myself liking the few animals that are not preceded by the word Brer and clinging onto them wishing them into more and more of the 80 or so stories that were in this collection.

Sorry this review is not all that long and not all that great the next will be better I promise you. Once I work out what I am going to be reading next that is.


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