Quick Update for Mythothon

I decided to break up my reading a little, after reading a load of novels that were pretty long I went with an easy quick read that took me just half an hour and slipped into the #Mythothon prompt of Artemis.
The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me. by Rhoal Dahl
This book is so light hearted and rather funny, at times I did laugh out loud. So that is another book crossed off my list. It also leaves me with sometime to go back reading my other books on my TBR.

So my Mythothon challenge so far looks like this.

Iris – The Hourglass Factory – by Lucy Ribchester
Free Choice  – Sympathy  – by Olivia Sudjic
Artemis – The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me – by Rhoal Dahl
Hebe – Brer Rabbit Collection  – by Enid Blyton
Hades – Landline – by Rainbow Rowell (Still need to review)
Apollo – Grimms Fairyrtales – by The Brother’s Grimm  (Still need to review)
Athena – Me After You – by Jojo Moyes ( Next in line to read)
States of Passion – by Nihad Sirees (Currently reading this one)
Herakles – Hush Hush – by Becca Fitzpatrick


Other books I have planned are:
Persephone – A Christmas Carol – by Charles Dickens
Gaoia – The Fault in Our Stars -by John Green
Achilies – Pretty Little Liars – by Sara Shepard
Echidna  – Eragon – by I can’t remember right now and am to lazy to go into my room to look.
Zeus – I have a few in line for this going to see what I feel like reading at the time
Poseidon  – The Pirates Daughter by Margaret Ceziar – Thompson



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