Christmas Readathon

Christmas Readathon.

I created a readathon to get us all through Christmas and the Holidays.
It begins on December 1st and ends on December 31st.
Winners will be contacted via Twitter or Email. Its your choice.
Either message me on WordPress to enter with your progress or update regularly on twitter using #DecemberReadathon
There will be a winner selected at random from those that have completed each prompt and the winner will be sent a book and a few other little treats to enjoy. Be aware I will need your address to send you your prize.
In order to enter you can sign up either in comments or via Twitter just tag me @KateADale and #DecemberReadathon Sign up and I will add you to the pool.
At the begining of January I would like you to send me your final lists via Twitter or WordPress and I will randomly pick a winner
Good Luck

A book can only be used under one prompt, no using a book multiple times.
There will be 2 winners randomly selected
1st prize is a book and a few other items, including a special postcard not decided what yet
2nd prize – A book and postcard

Unfortunately I am only able to ship winning prizes to the UK due to costs, although please don’t let that discourage you from taking part and having fun.
Good Luck!

Christmas Tree – A book with a Christmas tree on the cover
Tinsel – A book that seems to be everywhere you look.
Lights – A long book thst is at least 400 pages, bonus if its over 700 pages
Baubles – A beautiful book that you would hang on the tree so everyone could see it.
Santa Claus – A book with Santa Claus on the cover or a book that takes place on Christmas Eve.
Presents – A book where the main character receives a present, can be good or bad.
Turkey – A book with a bird in the title or a book about a bird.
Brussel Sprouts – A book that seems to have a divided opinion about it.
Cranberry sauce – A book that is short and sweet, can be short stories
Snowman – A book you read each year or a book you could only read at Christmas
Frozen – A retelling of a fairytale or disney film
Angels – A book where someone dies and goes to heaven or a book with an angel on it
Elves – A book that has either elves in or a book that has lot of minor characters in it.
Family – A book where a family comes together through everything
Nativity – A book that has religion as part of the story, can be any religion you want.
Reindeer – A book with animals on the cover or in the title, bonus if its a reindeer
Winter – A book that takes place in Winter or has the word winter in the title
December – A book you bought in December, or was bought for you in December
The Grinch – A book with a character that always ruins things for others either with or without meaning too
Scrooge – A book with a grumpy character who everyone seems to dislike
Christmas Cards – A book that you got posted to you through your letterbox
Christmas Carols – A book that has singing in it or someone who loves singing. Anything to do with singing will do for this prompt
Gingerbread – A book with either someone who is a baker or someone who cooks a lot
Snow- A book with a white cover
Happy New Year – A book set over the new year or a book that takes place over the course of a futuristic year.

Bonus – a book with the word Christmas in the title. Not a compilation of stories, must be a novel of at least 150 pages


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