Book and Life

Okay so I have not been doing a lot of reading this month and I can only say my reason for that has been getting Christmas presents sorted and getting my tree up. Now that has all been done I can only say that I have been procrastinating way to much and doing everything but actually reading.
Something that I am planning on doing but just seem to be doing other things, like writing this blog post and making a list of my TBR (big mistake) and assigning eqch book a number, planning on using a random number generator to choose a book rather than spending an hour trying to pick one to read. It made me realise just how many books I have on my TBR (if you want to know the answer its 157) and that doesn’t include books that I want to buy or most likely will buy. It is forever a growing pile. If I was to not buy a single book next year (like that is going go happen. I will most likely buy 157 more) then in order to read them all I would have to read 3 books a week and with me being a slow reader and usually just reading three books a month it seems unlikely that I will get around to reading them all.

Another thing I want to focus on more this year is writing. I am the worlds greatest at starting stories but never actually finish them so if I want to actually knuckle down and ger a book finished then I am going to have to simply stick at it and not let myself be distracted by another novel idea.
So that leads me onto my plan. I am going to aim to get the story I am writing now finished in the new year and then work on another story with my other ideas. I need to keep myself motivated and not find other things to do.

But we will see how that works out. Some of you reading this may know that I am hosting a readathon, but even I am not getting very far with it and am almost certain I will not cover every prompt on there so congratulations to any of you taking part that actually do, my hat goes off to you.


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