N.E.W.T.S Magical Readathon

After a long absence I can now announce that I am back, or at least trying to get back into blogging again, and it is all due to the Magical Readathon which if you are active on Book tube like me you will know all about but you can find the details in the link above (if it doesn’t work then simply search for magical Readathon on twitter and/or Book Roast Magical Readathon on Youtube and you should find it all just fine.
Anyway I missed the OWLS in April and planned to take them in July but totally forgot about it and so I decided to try and challenge myself and take both the OWLS and NEWTS in August. Of course there are a lot more prompts than the ones that I am going to be listing here, but I only included the ones that I am going to be trying to complete. So lets get to the list of prompts along with the books that I am going to be reading for each one.


The Careers that I am going for are (including a list of the subjects that I need for each one):
Auroligist –
OWLS: Astronomy, Divination and History of Magic
NEWTS: E in Astronomy and an E in Divination

Journalist/Writer –
OWLS: History of Magic, Muggle Studies and Subject of my choosing (Not sure what I will use for this, depends on what else I can get read)
NEWTS: E in History of Magic, A in Muggle Studies and an A in Subject of my Choice (again this one depends on what I get read.)


Mazoologist –
OWLS: Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Herbology, Potions
NEWTS: O in Care of Magical Creatures, E in Charms and E in Herbology

OWLS: Prompts

Astronomy – Star in the title


Care of Magical Creatures – Land animal on Cover (It does have a rabbit on the bike I promise)



Charms – Age Line – Read and Adult Book



Divination – Set in the Future (Eragon is set in the Future, right?)


Herbology – Plant on the cover



History of Magic – Published at Least ten years ago



Muggle Studies – Contemporary



Potions -Next Ingredient – Sequel





NEWTS: Prompts


Astronomy (A) – A book with a moon anywhere on the Cover or in the title.

Astronomy (E) – Word Nigh in the title or Series name



Care of Magical Creatures (A) – A book that starts with the letter A


Care of magical Creatures (E) –  Book under 300 pages



Care of Magical Creatures (O) – book with a Bird on the cover



Charms (A) – Book with gorgeous cover (I just love the colours)



Charms (E) – Comic/Graphic Novel/ manga/ under 150 Pages



Divination (A) – Read a white Book



Divination (E) – Short Story of collection of Short stories



Herbology (A) 0 Audio book or book with green on cover (this looks green to me so we are going with it)



Herbology (E) – Book between 350 and 390 pages (my copy has 384, check it)



History of Magic (A) – Read a Fantasy



History of Magic (E) – Read a book that contains a map (I am so going to regret this as this one is a three book bind up)



Muggle Studies (A) Cover that has photo of Person, place etc



Anything Extra:

If by some miracle I read all the books on the above TBR then I have included a list of books for the OWLS prompts that I will try and complete, these are the ones that I don’t need for my chosen career paths.

Ancient Runes – Retelling (Because I don’t have about 100 of them to choose from)



Arithmancy – Book told by more than one author (I actually don’t have a book for this one as I am not sure that I own any, but will edit in one if I do find one but I think I have enough books to get through as it is so missing one prompt isn’t the end of the world


Defence Against The Dark Arts – Reducto, book starting with the letter R



Transfiguration Sprayed Edges or Red Cover (part of this looks red to me even if it doesn’t mine has sprayed edges)



Hope you enjoyed this. I do have my work cut out for me next month and will need all the luck that I can get, but I love a challenge and I am going to give it one hell of a good go. I can do this I know I can.


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