Final Mythothon TBR

So since I can never make my mind up I have changed a a few things around on my TBR and I am sticking to this, make sure that you hold me to that. If I am discovered reading something that isn’t listed here then please do tell me off.
Before I get started you can find the original post here Mythothon Round 2 @FoxesFairytales

I do plan on taking a few books away with me on holiday, although I am mostly going to be taking my graphic novels and manga with me along with perhaps some short books or short story collections, but we will see how that goes. I am not sure how much time there is going to be for reading whilst on holiday as there are obviously places that I want to go.
So without further ado lets get into the final TBR!


HELHEIM – LAND OF THE DISHONOURABLE DEAD: Read a book about or featuring death in a significant way.
Warm Bodies – Issac Marion


(I couldn’t really find another book that I own that had death in it. Unless you count Ghost Stories but they are all huge books and I have enough of those on this list as it is. So Warm Bodies counts to me as it does feature Death, Zombies are dead. So don’t shout at me for saying. THIS COUNTS OKAY)


SVARTALFHEIM – LAND OF THE DWARVES: Read a book that’s less than 250 pages in length.
Mrs Dalloway – Virginia Wolfe9781847494009

(I have been wanting to read more classics, but didn’t really feel like adding a long hard one to read this next month due to having a lot of books on the TBR as it is and this was the first one in my collection that fit this prompt. So that is my only reasoning behind it.)


NIFLHEIM – REALM OF MIST: Read a book with a “cold” coloured cover.

Promise Me – Harlon Coben


(This cover really does send chills down my spin, it just seems really creepy to me, perhaps it is just me but I am just saying, really looking forwards to this book)


MUSPELHEIM – REALM OF FIRE: Read a book with a “hot” coloured cover.
Eldest – Christopher Paolini


(I loved Eragon when I read it last month and know that this is going to be one of the first books that I pick up in September anyway, I was going to pick this regardless of whether it fit any prompts, but so glad that it does.)

MIDGARD – LAND OF HUMANS: Read a contemporary novel.
Still Me – Jojo Moyes


(This is on here for the same reasons as the book above, although it was maybe not going to be the first book I picked up I was going to read it this month anyway.)


ALFHEIM – LAND OF THE ELVES: Read a book that’s part of a series.
Citrus Volume One – 


(This is part of a manga series and I have really been looking forwards to reading it. I do want to try and get into more manga after recently reading some Pandora Hearts (Just not really in the mood for any more of that series just yet) and so this is small and hopefully going to be great to take away with me


Beauty  and the beast – The Barnes and Noble Edition


(This book has 704 pages, now that is a long book. Although it is made up of so many short stories and if you just look at the cover its amazing. I had to include it somewhere in this TBR, don’t worry I have more books with beautiful covers)


VANAHEIMR – LAND OF THE VANIR GODS: Read an award-winning or nominated book.
My Sister the Serial Killer – Oyinkan Braithwaite

91XwrVrFvhL(I recently bought this book and so glad that I can use it for this prompt as I have been dying to be able to fit it into this months TBR)


ASGARD – LAND OF THE ÆSIR GODS: Read any book you choose!
HeartStopper Volume 1 – Alice Oseman


(I can’t wait to read this one and know that I am going to love it, plus it is the perfect book to take on holiday with me. So this is one that will be staying.)

ODIN, GOD OF WISDOM AND MAGIC: Read a non-fiction book.
Diary of  a BookSeller – Shaun Bythell91uDgpVJ7bL
(I plan on taking this away with me as it will be a quick read and I can just pick it up and read it in those few minutes when i have a little spare time on my hands but not enough time to really read a chapter of a book.)


THOR, GOD OF THUNDER: Read a book that makes a lot of noise: hyped, controversial etc.
HeartStopper Volume 2 – Alice Oseman


(Basically for the same reasons as volume one (see above))

FRIGG, GODDESS OF BEAUTY, LOVE, FERTILITY AND FATE: Read a book with a fantasy or magical element.
Twisted – Bonnie M Hennessy


(A Rumplestltskin retelling. Retellings to me count as fantasy. So this counts, if this is cheating then I don’t care. I am so excited to get around to reading this one)


HEL, GODDESS OF THE UNDERWORLD: Read a book with a duel or multi-POV.
The Flatshare – Beth O’ Leary81L8yj6-B4L
(I wasn’t sure that I would be able to find another book to fit this prompt and recently realised that I could use this one, how could I not have known that. It means that I can finally tick it off my TBR and I didn’t have to re read a book that I have already read)


FREYA, GODDESS OF LOVE, FERTILITY AND BEAUTY: Read a book with a beautiful cover.
Hans Christian Anderson Fairytales – The Barnes and Nobles Edition

(Now how amazing is this cover, although to be fair all the Barnes and Noble Editions are amazing covers. I just love them, perhaps I will take this one away with me, not decided between this and Beauty and the Beast as of yet.)


BALDUR, GOD OF BEAUTY, KILLED BY MISTLETOE: Read a book set around a holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Diwali etc.)
Birthday – Meredith Russo


(My sister informed me that this was to do with actual birthdays (technically) so if it isn’t then please don’t blame me, blame her.)

James and the Giant Peach – Roald Dahl


(Currently trying to read all the books by this author again, I read most of them as a child, and this was the first unread one on my shelf that I saw. So it fits this prompt which I am happy about.)


FREYR, GOD OF FERTILITY: Read a book with a sequel.
Alice – JM Sullivan


(I know this has at least a second part to the Series as I own it. This is the first book in I believe The Wanderland Series (Correct me if I am wrong))


Citrus Volume 2 – Saburouta

811iYLtUYdL(I have loads of LGBTQ+ books and graphic novels and so I picked the smallest one that I have to carry that wasn’t already on my TBR from above, figuring that it is another book I can take away with me on holiday and I don’t have to worry about it taking up much room also hoping to love the first volume as it is for one of my above prompts and take that one away with me too.)


SKADI, GODDESS OF HUNTING AND WINTER: Read a book with a weapon on the cover.
Reflection – 


(Only got a couple more of these ones to read, and this one seemed perfect for this prompt. Also I seem to be able to race through these in a day or so, which means it could be a good contender to take away with me)


HUGINN AND MUNINN, ODIN’S RAVENS: ‘THOUGHT’ AND ‘MEMORY’: Read a book set in the past.
Tattoist of Auskwitz – Heather Morris


(This has been on my TBR for ages so hopefully this is the month I finally get around to it)


TYR, GOD OF WAR, LOST A HAND TO FENRIR: Read a book with a disabled character.
The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgeson Burnett


(I read this years ago and love the film, plus it is the only book that can think of that that has a disabled character in it)


MIMIR, GOD OF WISDOM, DECAPITATED: Read a book with a face on the cover.
Ponti -Sharlene Ted


(Nobody said that the face couldn’t be attached to a body, I was planning on swapping this out to a retelling by Demezla Carlton,  as most of those have just faces on them. I just don’t want to add way to may retellings to my TBR in case I am not in the mood for them)


SLEIPNIR, AN EIGHT-LEGGED HORSE: Read a book about an animal or with an animal on the cover.
Northern Lights – Phillip Pullman


(Not sure how I have not gotten around to reading this book yet. I have all three of them and I have watched the film but not yet actually gotten around to reading the book, so this is the month I plan on doing that.


BRAGI, GOD OF POETRY: Read some poetry.
Jabberwocky – Lewis Caroll

71O7xDFl7iL(This the only book of poetry that I own, not a big poetry fan if I am honest. But love Lewis Caroll so this should be great fun and I hoping a good quick read.)


LOKI, GOD OF MISCHIEF: Read a standalone novel.
Dear Mrs Bird – AJ Pearce


(Recently bought this on Amazon and it seems really interesting so may actually read it straight away)


And there we have it, my final TBR, lets make sure that I don’t stray from it and that I can complete as much of it as possible, although two bingos are my aim, just not really sure how that is going to go. I think I am just going to read what I feel like and see where it leads me. I would love to see your TBRs if you are taking part.


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