October Readathon plans and A Small Tag.

Despite me saying that I was going to be taking a break from taking part in various readathons in the month of October  I will give you all one guess as to what I am going to be doing in October.
if you guessed taking part in a two readathons then you will be correct. I will post all the information near to the time as I am currently waiting on a few things, like deciding what is going to be filling  each prompt and also for one of them I am not yet confirmed as onto what team I will be competing on. It will all make sense when the time comes. I promise.
I am also still putting the finishing touches to my LinkToThePast Readathon and figuring out how to structure that, so keep a look out of any updates on that one.

Currently I am taking part in the Mythothon, check out my last post to find out my TBR and the link to the creator, as the library computer isn’t behaving today and I can’t be bothered playing around trying to put a link in when it is in this mood.


I know that this is a short post but I just had to keep into the idea of posting regularly or I will lose it for blogging again. Which is why I decided to add in a little tag sort of thing at the bottom of this. I tag everyone reading this to do it, make sure to tag me in your posts and send me your answers I look forwards to hearing them.


  1. An author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they’re about?
    Ransom Riggs, I know that he has only done the Miss Peregrine Series but I can honestly say that I would pick up anything that he writes and read it. I love him to bits.
    I also have to add that I will read anything that is written by Francesca Zappia I am in love with her writing and her book Eliza and her Monsters is one of my favourite books that I have ever read.

2. if you could invite one character from the book that you are currently reading what character would it be and why.
At the time of writing this post I am currently reading The Secret Garden –  by Frances Hodgeson Burnett, which makes it a rather hard question to answer. So I am going to have to say, mainly because of how stuck up and annoying Colin is and I don’t really think that Mary and me would click and I just don’t like many of the other characters in the novel. I am going to say Dickon.
My reasons for choosing Dickon are simple. I love animals and the way that he communicates with them and understands them fascinates me, plus he is the most genuine character in the book and seem to know so much about animals, nature and gardening.

3. What book do you wish the author would write a prequel for?
For this one I have to say The Miss Peregrine Series. I would just love a prequel that went into more depth about how Miss peregrine found all of her children and what happened in their lives before they were taken under her wing and into the loop.


4. What book did everyone else like, that you hated?
The Hunger Games – It just really got me and I didn’t enjoy it at all. End of conversation

5. How many books are too many in a series?
I think it depends on how well written it is and how much I am enjoying the series but usually I would say six or seven  books in a series is enough. Anything more than that and the story seems to drag on a bit and it starts to get tiresome and boring to read.
Just a little mini tag, nothing interesting. Just wanted to fill out this blog post a little.
I will update soon with my TBRS and what I got read for the first half of September. Until then.


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