Cosy Places To Read.

So it is day two of Blogtober and I am still here, yes you heard me correctly I l;asted until day two, should really be that surprised, but I am actually.

For today as you can see by the title I decided to share with you some cosy places to read, or to put it better some of my favourite cosy places to read. So without further ado lets get into it.

My all time favourite place to read, more so in the colder months when it is dark by 4pm and the world seems to be plunged into a total black and white apocalyptic horror movie, when every sound you hear turn into fear that it is going to be the end of the world and the zombies and undead are coming to get you and eat your brains, is my bed. There is something so warm and comforting about reading in bed, with a hot cup of tea and on the plus side there is always the notion that being under the duvet means that you are safe from everything around you. I really have no idea why that is, but it always just seems to be the way. No matter what is going on outside the room, if you are under the duvet then nothing can harm you. Not to mention that if you are reading you are also backed up with, to quote Doctor Who, Books, the most powerful weapons in the world.

Another place that I like to read is curled up on the rug in front of my fire, when jack Frost is running amock outside and threatening to come into your house and wrap you up into a enormous bear hug and you just can’t seem to get warm, then fear not, curl up in front of the fire with a good book and just block him out. Trust me soon he will get bored when he sees that you really don’t care, on the plus side you can always threaten him even more with a cosy warm read of your choice. I am sure that you will soon be all warm and cosy and emerged in another world where Jack Frost is unable to come a pinch your fingers and toes.

Although this isn’t usually a place that I personally read I know that my sister loves to get comfortable on the sofa and just read for hours, for some reason I can’t do that, but it is something to perhaps keep in mind, you never know you might just surprise yourself and I am sorry but I have no chilling stories of the undead coming to get you whilst you read, as there is no duvet to protect you on the sofa, or of Jack Frost coming to pinch your fingers and toes, as there is no fire there to keep you warm, but still it might be a good place to read, just don’t take my word for that one.

One more place is quite simple and probably your first choice, if it wasn’t one of the places that I have listed above and that place is your usual favourite reading spot. I know we all have places that we love to dedicate to reading and that we always seem to be found in, for me that place just happens to be my bed, although I am thinking about perhaps investing in a smaller sofa bed to do my reading in, that will work right? Some of us just like to snuggle up in a favourite spot in a warm blanket with a hot cup of our chosen beverage and read. So I say go to that place, find your reading place, a place that will never fail to transport you into a another world, no matter what the world around you is doing. Leave this world and teleport instantly into that world you are reading about, be that Narnia, Hogwarts, Miss peregrine’s Peculiar Loop, or even just to japan, or Victorian London, whatever you choice of world or place to teleport to, do it.

Finally how about a seat by the window, where you can hear the rain drumming against the window pain, who is the Jack Frost of rain, anyway the rain demon is battering your window pain with rain and you are all nice a warm and cosy, almost mocking it, with a good read and just not having to worry about getting cold or wet, because you do have the fire on a and warm blanket, right? Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of rain on the window when reading, at least not in my opinion, except maybe the sound of a crackling log fire, so get on those phones and get a free fire app, yes there are available I have one myself, and anywhere can become a cosy warm fireplace to just read a book. Bonus if there is a real one of course.


Untill Tomorrow Guys.


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