Time and Procrastination

I wanted to do something not book related for today’s post and thought that time seemed to be a good place to start. So this may not be  along post, but not all blog posts need to be long right? Especially not when you don’t have all the time in the world to sit at a computer and just type away for hours on end.


Time and I do not get along. I either don’t have enough or have way too much and there’s very little in between.
I think my problem is that I look at time as being something evil that is coming for me with horns and pitchfork and I am constantly trying and failing to fit everything in or just not having enough things to fit into the time that I have. it also probably doesn’t help that I procrastinate, a lot, seriously I am the Queen of procrastination, no matter what I am supposed to be doing I will ALWAYS find something less useful and unnecessary to be doing instead, then I freak out whilst falling asleep because I haven’t done anything that I wanted or needed to get done over the course of the day and make it a priority the next day, but do I do it? Of course not. I just do the same thing the following night and it goes on a cycle until I am forced into doing everything that should take two weeks and fit it all into one day and then I am exhausted.


Of course sometimes I like to save time for myself and filter in just a few hours here and there where I don’t have to do anything and I an just be myself, pick up a good book, write a blog or just sit and watch TV. Those hours are the best of times, when I have nowhere to be. My phone is turned off and I just have a couple of hours of nothing there to distract me. I just wish there was enough time in my life to be able to do that every single day.
So I think that me and time are going to have to have a sit down and a chat over a cup of tea, because we all know that Time likes tea, at least those of us who have read, watched and loved any version of Alice in Wonderland (Or all of them), and just sort something out. I need to have some time to get back on my feet again. I need to have some time to just be myself and not be a slave to everyday life that is getting all around me and not letting me just be me.
So I think I am going to suggest to it that I get Sundays off, sounds fair? By Sundays off I mean that when I go to bed on Saturday I turn my phone off and just leave it off until I go to bed on Sunday night. So Sundays are for me and nobody else. one day every week to do with what I want and what I love and not have to think about the world outside my flat or anything like that. I can simply read to my hearts content, play on Pokemon on my DS until I am sick to death of it. Or simply just watch some rubbish weekend TV and not let things distract me from what I want to do.
Surely that doesn’t seem to be such a big favour to ask for. I don’t think that it is unreasonable. What do you think?


See you tomorrow.


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