Genres that I avoid

I am sure that we all have a genre, or even for some of us multiple genres, that we aviod like the Bubonic Plague and never in our living daydreams would we ever consider picking up a book from that genre. I know that I have two genres that I really just can’t get into or I just generally don’t like and can’t seem to get into them.
Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t read anything from these genres I just find that there is rarely a book in them that i actually enjoy or that I am ever bothered about what happens.

The main genre that I can’t stand is those heavy romance contemporaries that have such a cliche meet cute, the ones where you can almost predict exactly what is going to happen within  the next 300 pages from just reading the very first page. I just get so bored reading them and think they are all the same and just want  something different to happen in them, but all the ones that  read just seem to end up the same way. nothing is ever different and so as a rule I just don’t read them, as I am no going to enjoy them.

The other genre that I don’t read much from is Science Fiction, although I loved Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy and Restaurant at the End of the Universe, the others after that I didn’t really like very much at all and erased them from my memory.
When it comes to Sci Fi I get so confused at trying to figure out what is going on that I can’t focus on the story and find myself feeling more confused when I finish than when I started. Perhaps that is just me but I can’t stand it when I am still confused by the end of a book and with SCi Fi that seems to happen all the time, at least with the ones that I have tried to read.

I always used to simply avoid fantasy, as I never thought that I would care about it all that much, it had just never appealed to me and so for years I just didn’t pick one up, the was no reason for it. I just never really cared and something one day just made me pick up something ( I can’t remember the book just know that it was set in a fantasy world, I think it was Terry Prachett, but I could be totally wrong about that) and I didn’t hate it so just kept dipping my toes into various fantasy books and found that I was really enjoying them. So that is how I got into reading fantasy and I so glad that I did because without doing that I would never have picked up Girls of Paper and Stars by Natasha Ngan or Eragon by Christopher Paollini

What genres do you avoid? What would you recommend to me in genres that you love that I avoid? Something that would change my mind about them all?


See you tomorrow


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