We are getting a little further into Blogtober, are we amazed that I have kept it up yet? I am. So I thought I would do a few tags, not all of them today but maybe a few over the course of the next few days. I simply search book tags on Google if I know the creators I will have them linked here :

Read At Midnight


1. A popular book you didn’t like.
I am going to get a lot of angry bloggers here, at least I think I will but for this one I am going to have to say The Hunger Games, the first one was okay, the second one was readable but the final one was just rubbish. Sorry Hunger games Fans, but I hated it as a series over all.

2. A book series that everyone hates but you love.
not really sure if there is one, but I have that a lot of people don’t really like the Miss Peregrine Series, whether it is hated I am not sure but that is all that I can think of for this question.

3. A love triangle where the MC ends up with the person you didn’t want them to end up with.
Although I love them together I have to say Harry and Ginny and Cho, It just seemed way to cliche for him to end up with Ginny and I would have liked a big plot twist of him ending up with Cho. Even if Cho is a little annoying in the books.

4. A popular genre you rarely reach for.
Romance Contemporary – I just get sick of the same things happening in every single book, just with different character names.

5. A popular character you didn’t like.
Harry Potter -Don’t get me wrong I love the series but I just really don’t like Harry himself very much at times.

6. A popular author you can’t seem to get into.
I can’t really seem to get into Holly Black or Branden Sanderson – Are the popular? I know they have been talk about a lot.

7. A popular trope you’re tired of seeing.
Love triangles. God I’m so sick of love triangles.

8. A popular series you have no interest in reading.
The Cruel Prince Series by Holly Black, tried it and got about 60 pages in and just couldn’t take any more.

9. The saying goes “the book is always better than the movie” but what movie do you prefer to the book?
I think I am going to have to say The Secret Garden.


There we have it. I tag everyone who reads this blog post. Hope you enjoyed this tag.


See you tomorrow


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