Books are filled with words that we have never heard of before and even the ones that we have are given different meanings. So I wanted to dedicate a blog post to all the words out there that we never really hear of anymore or the things that we never even knew existed.

Words are interesting either because of the actual word itself or because of the meaning. I have been searching for words that I find interesting. I found quite a few and I hope you enjoy these words as much as I do. So are you ready for 25 interesting and unusual words? Here goes.

1. Anecephalous – lacking a brain
2. Borborygm – A rumbling of the stomach
3. Callipygian – Having an attractive rear end or nice buns
4. Collywobbles – butterflies in the stomach
5. Crapulence – discomfort from eating or drinking too much
6. Flibbertigibbert – nonsense, balderdash
7. Gobbledygook – nonsense, balderdash
8. Snollygaster – A person who can’t be trusted
9. Bumfuzzle – confuse, perplex, fluster
10. Taradiddle – a fib, pretentious nonsense
11. Widdershins – in a left handed or contrary direction; counter-clockwise
12. Diphthong – Two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to form one speech sound e.g the ‘ou’ in out
13. Discombobulated – very confused and disorganised
14. Flabbergasted – Astonished or very surprised
15. Dongle – peice of hardware that connects a computer to another device
16. Pronk – a weak or foolish individual
17. Oxter – an outdated term for ‘armpit’
18. Nincompoop – someone who is foolish or stupid
19. Poppycock – nonsense
20. Perjinkities – nice things
21. Amaranth – an imaginary flower that never dies
22. Sinapism – a mustard plaster used as a cold remedy
23. Contabuate – to put boards down for a floor
24. Noop – sharp point of the elbow
25. Agastopia – a particular liking for a certain part of the body


Hope you learnt something here and had fun reading through all these words, see you tomorrow.


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