Book Subscription Box – Reposed

How am I still making these posts, seriously I never expected to get this far with writing them as I thought I would long since run out of ideas or interesting things to post about, well apparently not. Although what I am writing may seem to be interesting to write for me but everyone out there reading it might just find it to be rubbish.

Anyway this post is going to be about the books subscription box called Reposed, formerly known as ReadingInHeels. I love this box, you get a mixture of different treats and make up, along with things like stationary and other little things like that. You should certainly go and check them out. You can also buy them on a subscription basis or even make yourself some custom boxes. I would suggest looking at the website, it can explain things much better and you can have a look around and see what you think. I will leave a link here for you to check out.

Although I haven’t read all of the books that I have gotten the ones that I have read I really do love and just need to actually get around to reading them, but of course the just end up up in my ever growing TBR Pile.

I know that this blog was short and sweet but I really wasn’t sure what else to write, I do hope that you don’t mind and that you check out Reposed.

Tomorrow’s should hopefully be longer and much better than this.


Until tomorrow.




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