Favourite TV Shows/Themes/Opening Titles

Hello and welcome to another blog post.
Why do I feel like I have missed a day of blogging? Even if I have I am still proud of myself for getting this far into Blogtober and actually keeping up with it, even if some of the posts haven’t really been about much or have been rather short.
I have got a TBR for my Readathon planned, but I will be posting that at the end of the month as I am still working on tweaking little bits about it.

I got this idea from FoxesFairytale (Library computer won’t let m add a link to her blog) but you should definitely check her out as she is amazing, love her.
As you can probably tell from the title of this blog this post is going to be about my favourite TV Shows and openings

  1. Once Upon A Time –
    Now I adore this TV series, I literally binge watched the entire series in about 3 weeks. What I love most about the opening credits is that although the music at the begining is the same it has a different opening sequence depending on what the main focus of the episode is. For example if the story is going to focus on the backstory of Captain Hook then it has a ship coming along, to represent the Jolly Roger, or if it is Rapunzel then it has the tower that she was locked in.  Whereas Rumplestiltkin has a spinning wheel.
  2. Pokemon
    I know that I am now going old school but I grew up watching Pokemon and plying the games (Who am I kidding I still do the same now an d I am in my twenties) and still to this date know all the theme tunes off by heart. When I hear them it always brings back memories of running to get home from school on a Wednesday and Friday to sit down and watch the next episode at 4pm.
  3. Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
    Who cares if it makes me childish to watch kids programmes all the time in the words of the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) ‘There is no point in being grown up if you can’t act childish sometimes.’. I love this series, especially all of the puns that Cat Noir comes out with and the way that he annoys ladybug so much with them. The titles don’t really have that much of a tune but it is instantly recognisable and it always makes me smile. when I watch them.


I could list so many more but I am running out of library time and wanted to get this post written so I am going to leave it there and hopefully you still enjoy it.


I think I am going to leave Blogtober to end here as i don’t really have much time to write posts for the rest of the month but we had a a good haul and I might try and do another blog project in the coming months so look out for that. my next post will be my Readathon TBR, check out my post about that, somewhere below (Sorry there isn’t a link here but the computer I am on won’t let me do it)



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