My Entire Owned TBR Part 1

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting in such a long time. I do plan on changing that and thought that this would be the perfect way to start a new year of Book Blogging, then I got to writing all the books that I haven’t read down and I realised that it wasn’t the best idea that I have ever had, as I have a lot of books that are currently on my shelves that I need to read and I have no self control when it comes to buy new ones.
So I decided to split this into different Shelves. Other Parts will follow in later days, as I still haven’t written a full list of all my shelves at the time of writing this blog post, so we will see how that goes.

My reasons behind going shelf by shelf and bookcase by bookcase is that way if there is a book on here that you think I should prioritise then let me know and I should be able to locate it easily using my list.

Bedroom – My Bedroom contains only one bookcase and hold the, usually, large pile of books that I am currently planning on reading for various readathons that I am taking part in or just books that I have just bought that I must get to before I read anything else, obviously subtracting my current read from that as I can never focus on more than one novel at a time, yet for some reason I can read a novel, a manga and a graphic novel at the same time. Is that weird?
Also, this will count for my next few TBR blogs as well, but I will also note it at the top of them too in case you missed this or just forgot about it. So some shelves only contain books that I have read already and therefore I will just be missing out that shelf number, so if I number is missed out I haven’t lost the plot or anything, that was something I lost a long time ago, I have just read every book on that specific numbered shelf.
All these books will be on my Goodreads – which you can find using this link

Would have included pictures and graphics a little more but library computers were being annoying and I couldn’t be bothered playing around for ages sorting it out. So sorry about this and the next few posts just being lists of books and a little boring. But if there are any that you really think I should read then please leave a comment. When I do some wrap up posts and posts about my current reading piles in the future then I will try and add graphics of each book


Bedroom Shelf ONe – Contains Graphic Novels
Fables 15 – 22 – Bill Willingham
Fairest Volume 1 – 5 – Bill Willingham
The Sandman Volume One Preludes and Nocturnes Neil Gaiman
Bad Doings and Big Ideas – Bill Willingham
Labyrinth Coronation Volumes 2 &3  Collections – Jim Henson
Dracula – Bram Stoker – Graphic Novel Version
Frankenstien Mary Shelly – Graphic Novel Version

Bedroom Shelf Two – Contains only one book that I haven’t read

A Tale of Magic – Chris Colfer –


Bedroom Shelf 3 – Contains my Manga
Girlfriend Collection Volumes One and Two -Milk Morinaga
Citrus Volumes 3 – 10 – Saburouta
Don’t Be Cruel Volumes 3 – 7 – Youezone Nekota
Beauty and The Beast Belle’s Tales/Beasts Tale – Mallory Reaves
The Earl and the Fairy Volume 1 – Mizue Tani
Fruits Basket Collection Volume 1 –
Forbidden Scrollery Volumes One and Two – Moe Harukawa


Shelf 5 – Mainly Historical and Philip Pullman
The Constant Princess – Phillippa Gregory
The Virgin’s Lover -Phillippa Gregory
The Other Queen – Phillippa Gregory
The White Princess – Phillippa Gregory
The Lady of the Rivers – Phillippa Gregory
The Subtle Knife – Philip Pullman
The Amber Spyglass – Philip Pullman
Book of Dust La Belle Savage – Philip Pullman
Book of Dust Secret Commonwealth – Philip Pullman.


Shelf 6 – Every book on here is either a Biography or Auto Biography
Micheal Jackson Moonwalk
Cheryl Cole – My Story
Julie Andrews – An Intimate Biography
Donny Osmond – Life Is Just What You Make It
Les McKeown – My Life with the Bay City Rollers
Ronnie O’ Sullivan
Claire Richards –  All Of Me
Henry VIII – Margaret George
Elizabeth I – Margaret George
Mary Queen of Scots – Margaret George
Cleopatra – Margaret George


P.S I went through and got rid of all the books on my Goodreads Shelf that I don’t own to make it a little easier to sort through things. Just thought you may want to know that


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