The Rapid Fire Book Tag


This is my rapid fire book tag where I have to answer questions with the first answer that pops into my head. But obviously, knowing me, I couldn’t just say the answer, could I? I just had to go and explain my answer or ramble on. Oh well…

The Rapid Fire book tag was so much fun to do and I tag anyone who wants to do it!


E-Book Or Physical Book?

Physical books – I have tried reading E-Books and I just can’t get away with it. I don’t know why but my eyes start hurting and I get headaches and it isn’t good.



Paperback Or Hardback?

I tend to prefur reading Paperbacks as they are easier to pick up and also easier to take around with me, but at the same time I prefur the covers on Hardbacks, but as a rule I am going to say paperbacks.




Online Or In-Store Book Shopping?

In-store. I love being in a bookstore and just being able to physically pick up books and hold them knowing that they are going to be in my collection soon. Plus I can see if there is any damage to them.



Trilogies Or Series?

Trilogies. Sometimes I find that series can just go on for too long, although that isn’t always the case. Trilogies just seem to have more of a ending I find.




Heroes Or Villains?

Villains. I love villains there is no more that needs to be said. I find them so much more interesting and plus who is to say that they are actually villains, just because it isn’t told from their point of view. Heroes I find are really under rated.




A Book You Want Everyone To Read?

Eliza and Her Monsters – Francessca Zappia



Recommend An Underrated Author?

Ransom Riggs I have never really met anyone who loves his Miss Peregrine Series as much as I do. So I really think that he needs more love and attention. Everyone should definitely become Ransom Riggs Fans.



The Last Book You Finished?

At the time of writing this




Weirdest Thing You’ve Used As A Bookmark?

I used my phone once but I don’t really use weird things as book marks. I have loads of book marks


Used Books: Yes Or No?

Yes, as long as the pages are not dog eared. I can’t stand damaged book pages. It is just a huge no go for me



Top Three Favourite Genres?

Horror, Fantasy and I guess Retellings – Do they count? I am really into retellings of Fairytales right now.


Borrow Or Buy?

Buy… I don’t lend my books to anyone and therefore wouldn’t borrow them from people.




Character Or Plot?

Plot. if the plot is rubbish then I don’t really care for the characters either.


Long Or Short Books?

Long…  the longer the better, but only if the story is good



Name The First Three Books You Think Of

Lost Boy, The Seven Deaths of Evleyn Hardcastle and HeartStopper


Books That Make You Laugh Or Cry?

Laugh… although I tend to read more that make me cry, although not intentionally. I love crying at books, but do prefer laughing



Our World Or Fictional?

Fictional. I love being transported to other words and just falling in love with them




Audiobooks: Yes Or No?

No. I have nothing against them but i just can’t concentrate on them. I prefur to have the book in my hands.


Do You Ever Judge A Book By Its Cover?

Of course, I do. Everyone does. If you say you don’t then you are lying to yourself.



Book To Movie Or Book To TV?

Book to TV. I feel they can do more and explore a lot more of the story rather than packing it all into a two hour long film


A Movie Or TV Show That You Preferred To The Book?

There hasn’t been one yet! Although A Monster Calls was a very good film!


Series Or Standalones?

Series because I can never get enough of good characters and storylines





Not sure who started this tag, if you know please let me know, but thank you to whoever created it. I had so much fun doing it



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