Welcome and a Book TBR Game Spoiler

Firstly I just want to say hello to each and everyone of my new followers. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you. I never expected to get so many followers when I created this blog. So even getting as much as I have now is so overwhelming to me.

Secondly I am currently planning a TBR game to pick my TBR list for each month. I will go into some detail below but it’s still a working progress and not something that I have fully sorted out yet. Lets just say it’s still in the trial run process whilst I sort out a fee things and make sure I have it how I want it.

The game I will be playing is Labyrinth.

Due to having 13 hours to solve the Labyrinth I have to pick 13 books plus any extras I roll in process. Basically I roll dice 13 times.

1. Hoggle

2. Ludo

3. Sarah

4. Didymus


6. Randomly Pick One

Use the Speed Dice for chosen Character and use blue dice for Jareth. When I actually create this properly and start playing it this will make much more sense.

If I land on Oubliette I have to pick a book and read it in one sitting.

Bog of Eternal Stench then I have to add an extra book and the book I pick for BOG has to have green on the cover

Entrance to Goblin City Card I don’t have to pick a book for that one but must move to goblin city on next roll and depending on who is there pick a book or books

Humongous – Book over 500 pages

Goblin Infantry – Do a shelf Generator and random number generator for shelf and book

Goblin Cavalry – Choose two books however total pages total has to be less than 500

Goblin Artillery – Pick two books where page total is over 500 pages

Centre – Most Recent Purchase

I am thinking that I may roll the dice and create gifs of each roll if I can and upload the gif into my blog for each roll, that way you can see it. Not sure yet how its going to work but starting April we will find out.

That is all for now. I just wanted to give a quick update on my plans. Hope you are all doing well and know just how thankful and surprised I am to have each and everyone of you here.

Anything you guys would like ro see? Just please no book reviews as I am rubbish at writing them.


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