The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Readathon

The time has come about again.

I really enjoyed hosting the 1st Legend of Zelda Readathon and so I wanted tot do another one this year. So lets get started. I decided to base this round on the Ocarina of Time, which has to be one of my favourite games. I love it, even if Navi often gets on my nerves.

I am running this a little differently, instead of you knowing ahead of time what you strengths and weaknesses are I am going to be keeping them a secret until you declare what team you want to be on. Again, I will be running this over the course of a couple of months, through May and June, starting May 1st and ending on June 30th Midnight at your time for both dates. I will explain things as I go, but if you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter, using either @KateADale or @LinkToThePastR, the former probably being the better of the two options until the start of the readathon. So lets get down into the rules and prompts.


Teams: As I mentioned above I will give you the strengths and weaknesses via Twitter DM once you have declared a team, just DM me on one of the two above accounts to confirm what team you want. There are a couple of different teams this round, you can pick the same team as last time if yours is there or you are free to pick another team, but choose wisely as once you have chosen your team that is the team you will be one for the duration of the readathon.

Good Luck!


The teams are as follows:

  • Team Link
  • Team Zora
  • Team Kokiri
  • Team Goron



You do have two whole months to complete.


Weapons List and Prompts: These must be done in the order that they are written but you don’t have to complete all of them, as you will see below as I explain through things. Also make sure that you declare what you have chosen in a tweet using the tag #LegendOfZeldaReadathon2020 Which will be the main tag used throughout the readathon by myself and by anyone taking part.


  • Sword: Choose your sword – you can only choose one, so choose wisely
  • Bigorn Sword – A book with more than one weapon on the cover, doesn’t have to be different weapons, as long as there are two of them.
  • Giants Knife: Two books are needed for this prompt that add up to a total that is between 600 and 650 pages combined.
  • Kokiri Sword – A book that is recommended to you by a friend or family member.
  • Master Sword – A book that has a sword on the cover.


Next up choose your shield.

Again you can only choose one so choose wisely.

  • Deku Shield – A book with an ugly cover or a book that is mainly brown in colour.
  • Hylian Shield – A book with a beautiful cover or a brightly coloured cover, three or more colours on it.
  • Mirror Shield – A retelling or a book with the word mirror in the title.


Weapons: You can choose up six weapons with a minimum of three, however you can only include one kind of arrow. You have to pick one kind of arrow.

  • Arrows: Book with an archer or a Robin Hod retelling.
  • Fire Arrows – A book with fire on the cover or in the title.
  • Ice Arrows: A book with ice or snow on the cover or the title.
  • Light Arrows – A book with a light coloured cover or a book with gold on the cover.
  • Blue Fire – A book with a cold word in the title.
  • Bombs – A book that takes place in a war, can be real or fictional.
  • Bomchu – A book that takes place in a prison or a prisoner of war camp.
  • Boomerang – Re-Read a favourite.
  • Deku Nut – A book with white and/or brown on the cover.
  • Deku Stick – Read a book by candlelight.
  • Lens of Truth – A book that has more than one different covers (For example Hunger Games or a book that has a movie cover as well like Twilight).
  • Longshot/Hookshot – Reach out and grab a random book.
  • Megaton Hammer – Read a hardcover.
  • Slingshot – Read the book that has been on your TBR the longest.


Dungeons: You must choose your sword, shield and weapons before completing any of these prompts.

Must be done in order, unless your teams strengths or weaknesses tell you otherwise (spoiler alert one team can do them in any order just not telling you which team that is).

  • Deku Tree – A book with an insect on the cover or an arachnid or spiders web on the cover.
  • Dodongos Cavern – A book that contains dragons or dinosaurs.
  • Jabu Jabu’s Belly – A book with a fish or under water scene on the cover or a book that contains a princess.
  • Forest Temple – A book that has trees on the cover or a ghost story.
  • Fire Temple – A book with an orange cover.
  • Ice Cavern – A book that takes place in a cold climate or that has a snow scene on the cover.
  • Water Temple – A book with a blue cover or water on the cover.
  • Bottom of the Well – A non fiction book or a book a boo with a hand on the cover.
  • Shadow Temple – A book that contains death or the undead (So anything you class as being the undead works for this one).
  • Spirit Temple – A book with more than one time zone in it or a book that contains twins.
  • Ganon’s Castle – Read a book that contains a book or a book that contains an epic battle.


Bonus Prompts: These can be completed in any order you like any time after you have chosen your weapons.

  • Golden Gauntlets – Read a book that has yellow or gold on the cover, however it must be a hardcover.
  • Hover Boots – Read a book with a flying animal in it, be that real or mythical anything from Pegasus to a blackbird.
  • Zora Tunic – A book that has a sea creature or a sea god in it.
  • Goron Tunic – A book that has a red dust jacket or just red on the dust jacket.
  • Ocarina of Time – A book that you had on your TBR from the first Legend of Zelda Readathon that you didn’t get too or if you completed your TBR or didn’t take part in the first round then DM me for a list of the prompts and choose one at random (Or check out my blog post for the first readathon)


There we have it. I hope to see you in the readathon. Don’t forget to follow the Twitter page @LinkToThePastR. Although I will remind you on if you DM @KateADale to get your Teams strengths and Weaknesses.

Good Luck. See you all on May 1st (Hopefully).

Lastly before I forget I just want to say a huge thank you to Louise over at Foxes and Fairy Tales for uploading this for me after being unable to get to the library to do it myself due to the quarantine and my phone refuses to allow me to post to WordPress, no idea why. So huge shout out to her and be sure to check out her blog. She is marvellous.


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