Mini Readathon


Would everyone say to a mini Readathon over on Discord (of course I will still be active on Twitter for those who don’t have Discord) but more active over there. I just don’t want to have to wait until next year to host another one. So what would you guys think? I will post my ideas down below so if you let me know what you think. Be vocal tell me what you would like. Although keep in mind that I am going to have to go with the majority vote. How to contact me and talk through all this will be listed at the bottom of this post.

Legend of Zelda Mini Readathon


So my plans are to gather up all the prompts from my previous two readathons and give them all a number. I will then generate random numbers using a number generator and get maybe 8 – 10 prompts and have those as our mini Readathon prompts.



I am thinking of having the Readathon take place in November maybe over the first two weeks or something like that and ending on my birthday. Would everyone be okay with that. I would let you know the prompts that have been chosen ahead of time most likely a couple of weeks before to let you plan your TBR and get yourself signed up to Discord if you haven’t already.

Yes I will still be using my twitter platform but mainly hosting things over on discord as it saves me signing in and out of Twitter all the time as it can get a little annoying at times.

thumb-1920-484451Wondering where to reach me to discuss this? Look no further.

Twitter: @KateADale   which is my main Twitter channel and the place where I will be more than the actual Readathon Twitter which is of course @LinkToThePastR

Discord:  if this link doesn’t work then let me know. I was planning on holding the main bulk of it over on discord but for those who can’t get discord then I will still hold sprints over on Twitter.

H2x1_SNES_TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast_image1600wFinal note please do consider joining the discord to allow us all to talk over on there, it’s much quicker and easier than Twitter and we can get a response a lot faster.

That is all for now. Can’t wait to discuss this with you and look forwards to your ideas and how you think I could improve on this idea.


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