Book Loving Dragons

Recently I have become rather obessed with a shop on Etsy called Book Loving Dragons it’s very quickly becoming a favourite shop of mine and I am slightly addicted to buying from them.

The boxes are always a delight to open and you can pick and choose what you want to receive in your box. There are such a range of boxes as well ones that are a mystery and could allow you to get anything or you can pick what kinds of books you want in your box. From fiction to non fiction to poetry. You are in control of the genre, unless of course you choose the mystery box.

All the books you will get are secondhand and it’s such a delight to receive them. I know that I will never stop buying various boxes from this shop. Especially during lockdown it’s great to be able to buy book at a price that can be afforded and be able to cater the box to contain my choice of hot drink and either biscuits or chocolate.

I have bought a few different boxes from them and gotten books that I have not only never heard of but also books that I would never have picked up myself. The books below are the ones I have received in various different boxes. I chose to simply just post pictures of the titles rather give a synopsis for each one.



As you can see there is a range of various titles from different authors and genres. From authors of all walks of life.

So if you want s new book to read and a few little treats to go with it then consider buying from them. Amazing shop and can’t recommend it enough.


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