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This whole idea came from the two currently released books by Lucy Powrie. Someone you may use from her YouTube channel other than of course know her by the fictional characters she has created in Paper and Hearts Society and Read With Pride.

I am not a great book reviewer as I am never any good at them. I know how I feel about a book but trying to get my thoughts into words just isn’t something I am any good at. At least not when it comes to books as I just want to tell everyone what the book is about. Only that would defeat the purpose of reading the book in the first place.

So I urge you to set aside some time and read these books. I promise you won’t regret it.


If you haven’t read them or haven’t read the second book yet then don’t worry this blog is going to be spoiler free.

Basically there is a part of the second book where some of the characters write their story. That being their story of their sexuality and how they embraced it and realised exactly who they were and it is that which made me think about my story and my journey. Of course it does make me feel nervous to post this and yet at the same time I am not embarrassed about my sexuality and not at all scared to say it. It is just a little nerve wrecking to out it to the world and tell everyone that I know and some of those I don’t that I am indeed BiSexual and it is with that note that I give to you my story, not in great detail but hopefully it will give you some insight to me and maybe even help you in your journey. If I can help just one person feel secure enough to share their story then my job will have been successful.


As I said above I am bisexual and not afraid to say it.

Most people in my life know and even if they don’t they have probably guessed it. When I was younger I always just thought I was hetrosexual or for want of a better word straight as I have always had crushes on makes and sure I could relate to someone when they said that a female was attractive but for years I just assumed that I could see they were attractive and agrees with them. Yet as the years went buy I started to develop feelings towards females, as in I started to have sexual feelings towards them and it was then that I realised I was actually bisexual.

At first it scared me. I had never had to think about how others in my family would take it as I hadn’t had to come out to anyone before. The first person I sat and talked to was my mum, but at the time she was in hospital and under anaesthetic and undergoing treatment for liver failure, the same liver failure that killed her before I knew if she had heard anything that I had said to her.

The second person I told was actually my grandma and I will admit that was the test I knew that if she could accept me then surely everyone else in my family would, but more in that later,  and she did she told me that she loved me no matter who or what I was and that it didn’t matter whether you were gay, straight, transgender or anything else that falls under the LGBTQIA+ spectrum as long as I was happy and that I was okay with who I was and that someone else is happy with who they are. In fact she even added on the end ‘If you want to be a reptile then do it.’

I never really had to tell anyone else in my family, my sister just sort of knew and I guess I always knew that she knew. I am pretty sure my best friend knows and he is amazing do even if he didn’t know then I know that he would never ever judge me for it as he himself was born female.

Now onto the negative part, the only person who I have not told is my dad and the reason for that is during a conversation with him and my step mother a last year I decided that it was time to come out to them and said I was going to the Pride Festival in my city and my dad just came back with ‘What are you going there for? You are not one of them are you?’ and I remember just feeling awful. I shoved it off and said that I just wanted to go and support my best friend and his sexuality and left it at that.

Perhaps one day I will tell him exactly who I am but the wounds are still raw and right now I can’t deal with his negativity. In some ways I think he knows he just refuses to see it.

Of course people will not always accept you for who you are but you should never be scared of your sexuality, gender or in some cases both. Be yourself and you are not in the wrong. Those who can’t accept you for who you are are the ones who need educating and not you, especially in the current world we are living in.



I hope this helps someone to discover who they are and I just want to say that if you ever need someone to talk to you can always talk to me even if it’s just to vent some feelings that are helping you to discover your identity. I am always available.


Links as promised:

Lucy Powrie Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/LucyTheReader

Lucy Powrie Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18208481.Lucy_Powrie

My Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/KateADale

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kateadale7100/


Finally check out my twitter pinned tweet for a link to my discord. Hosting a Readathon over there and would love to see you. Especially if you are a Legend of Zelda Fan. Although you most certainly don’t have to be.




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