Catch up and Book Tag

I say a catch up there isn’t really much to catch up on. As I simply haven’t done much over the time that I have been away from blogging, in fact the only thing I have done is play Animal Crossing and read a bit. It’s insane where the time has gone. I am barely even sure what day it is these days. I mean I think it could be Scorpio or October, but don’t quote me on that. Also at the time of writing this I have a very annoying heat headache so any mistakes just scroll past them I can’t be bothered reading through and correcting them but wanted to get a blog post done. Anyone else play Animal Crossing?
Just curious who your villagers are? Mine are Tybalt, Katt, who I had when I created my Island, Aurora, Erik, Audie , Bianca, Keaton, Olive, Eugene and Blair.

My favourites have to be Keaton and Blair. Love how Keaton flirts all the time and Blair is just so cute. I love her.

Although not really feeling Olive and Bianca anymore. So hoping to replace them soon.

Now let’s get onto a book tag, no idea who created this tag I just found it somewhere but of course credit goes where it is due.

How many books do you currently own?

At last count I had 607 and I have bought books since then. So I have no idea what the total is now and can’t really be bothered counting.

How many books are you currently reading?

At the moment I am reading two books, well one book and a graphic novel.
Choose a couple of books you read but didn’t enjoy?

I didn’t enjoy the Hunger Games series, yes I know insane right? Also if that only counts as one I am going to say Now Entering Addamville.

A cover buy?

The Shadow in the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and so glad I bought it I read it earlier this year and really enjoyed it so bought the rest of the series and most of his other books.
A book you haven’t read in years?

Until recently I could have said Matilda by Rhoal Dahl but considering I just finished that a couple days before writing this blog post I am going to say Fantastic MR Fox, I loved that book as a kid and love the film need to read it again.

A book you will always recommend?

Eliza and her Monsters by Francessca Zappia there is just something about that book that I loved and think everyone should read it or at least try it.

All time favourite book series.
I don’t want to say the obvious so instead I think I am going to go with the Shopoholoc Series, still need to read the last book but love it so much.

Where do you read?

Anywhere, and everywhere! But most of the time I read on my bed after I make a custom out of my pillows and spare duvet. It’s really comfortable.

What are the last two books you gave a 5 star rating?

Just give me a moment and let me check Goodreads.
Once Upon a Time Reawakened by Odette Beane
Sorry Not Sorry by Naya Rivera


Hoping the next post will be better. But until then see you soon.


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