Four Readathons in September

So I decided that taking part in four readathons during the month of September was a good idea. Of course I did because I am that intelligent and clearly think I am Super Woman. But I am doing this. Just so glad that I was able to cross most things over with the readathons. As usual all links will be posted below because it’s just so much easier for me to do that when writing this into wordpress on my phone.

Not going to put these readathons in any particular order and there are going to be repeats of most of if not all the books so just be aware of that. So let’s just get into it.

Bookopoly: This was created by Becca over at Becca and the Books over on YouTube or like everyone else the link to the Twitter for the Readathon is listed at the bottom.

I decided to play this the same way that Becca does which is roll the dice 5 times to pick five prompts, although doubles mean an extra roll just like it does in Monopoly and Becca’s game too.


Roll One: Of course my first roll was a double one which landed me straight off the bat with an extra roll already and the prompt was Community Shelf. For this I shuffled my own prompts and the top prompt was to read a book with more than twelve letters in the title. For this I chose My Best Friends Excosism by Grady Hendricks.


Roll Number Two: My Second roll was seven which caused me to land on A book with a light coloured cover. So for this prompt I am going to be choosing Pine by Francine Toone.


Roll Number Three was eleven which landed on Becca’s Pick which is to read a book that has been recommended in a video by the creator Becca and for that I am going to be reading Scarlett by Stephanie Meyer. She did recommend Cinder, which is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles but I have already read it so went with the second book.81RZPtFSZHL


Roll Number Four was three and this causes me to land on standalone and for this I Chose The Charmed Life of Alice Moore by Molly Flatt


Roll Number five was nine and this roll gave me the prompt set in the present so for this I went with a book I have already read and loved so it’s due a reread and that is Eliza and Her Monsters by Francessca Zappia.31931941._SY475_


Roll Number Six got me another double this time it was double four and that lead me to randomise my TBR so I counted up all the books currently on my September TBR and put the number into a random number generator and the number generated The Book Jumper by Mechhthild Glaser.51mXE4JH4hL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_


Roll Number seven, thankfully my last roll of the Readathon was six and this time I had to pick a book with a dark cover and for that I went with Seven Pomegranate Seeds by Jasmine Garcia.51KcLmeUeJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

That is it for Bookopoly. Considering I have a lot of prompts to get through for the next two Readathons I am simply going to post a picture of my spread, or list that I have written and then pictures of all the book covers.

Pokémon Journey Readathon:IMG_20200810_225053

I haven’t included any bonus prompts as not sure if I will get to them or if I do it won’t be in the month of September.

Next up we have Mythothon and decided to just do the same as I did for the above Readathon simply to save time as it’s currently 3am and I am so tired just want to get this done.



As of writing this I haven’t got my TBR for the Dare to Dream Readathon just yet but will be getting around to that soon. Just trying to find a couple of books for a couple of prompts. Once that is sorted I will probably just post about that on social media.

Link information: I just included the Twitter pages as my phone was playing up but you should be able to get any needed information from them.


Pokémon Journey Readathon:


Dare to Dreamathon:


Looking forwards to this month but at the same time wondering if I have taken on too much. October is going to have to be more chill I am taking part in just one Readathon I have decided that now. I need a month where my TBR isn’t up to ceiling. Already got my eye on a Readathon that I took part in last October as well.


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