Mini Legend of Zelda Readathon

The time has come my fellow Hylians, Zora’s, Ritos, Gorons and Gerudos for the mini Readathon which will take place on the in November from the 1st -18th. You can choose to do it in your timezone or in the British BST timezone. Whichever is easiest for you.

It’s easy to follow as there are not many rules. As you may be aware over on Discord I have asked everyone to pick a number between 1-72, although there are not going to be seventy two prompts so don’t let that scare you off. I wanted to have a range of prompts and give everyone a different starting point so instead of me picking all the good prompts I decided to let you all pick your prompt. If you don’t know the number you picked or you have yet to pick a number then please DM me either on discord or on Twitter and I will ask you to pick one of the spare numbers. I used a random number generator to get some numbers and therefore picked those prompts. I will be making a separate message on discord that I will be sure to pin to Hyrule Castle or Fields and I will also include the prompts on the Linktothepastr Twitter page (links will be below as usual.) Yet on of that I will also be posting an Instagram Livestream where I go through the prompts and that will happen on October 1st Not sure yet what time but will let you know over on discord and Twitter hopefully.

How did I get the prompts? Well I counted up how many prompts there were for my previous two readathons and gave them each a number and as you know everyone chose a number and therefore the prompts that we have were each chosen by you guys, plus the few spare ones I have for any late arrivals.

The Rules:

As I mentioned there are not many rules in fact there are only two rules.

Rule Number One: You must start with the prompt that corresponds to the number you picked after that you can do as many of the others you can or want and in any order you like.

Rule Number Two: Have fun. This is a mandatory rule. You have to have fun.

That is it for the rules. I will hold reading sprints both on Twitter and Discord if you want to take part that would be great.

Any questions just ask me on any of the handles listed below. I will answer as many as I can and hope you have fun. Speak to you on October 1st guys. Until then. Xxxx

P.s don’t forget to pick a team of you haven’t already over on discord. This won’t effect the mini Readathon but you need one to take part in next year’s Readathon.


Twitter: My personal Twitter is

The Readathons Twitter is:

The link to my Instagram where the livestream will be on October 1st is:

And finally the link to the discord is:


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