Struggling to Read Anything

I have recently been finding myself in multiple reading slumps and not really wanting to pick up a book and read. I feel as though reading is a sport and chore that has to be kept up daily and it makes me not want to do it.

I want to be able to fall back in love with books and the characters that you find inside them again. I don’t want it to feel as though I have to read 10 books a month or face the consequences. If I can do that then great but feeling as though I have to read just puts be back into a slump even after I think I have gotten out of it.

I can pull a book off my shelves or TBR pile and devour it thinking my slump is over and then when I reach for my next read I find that I am stuck again looking at the huge TBR pile makes me feel like I must complete it and that puts me off. I usually love having a monthly TBR but I give myself to much work and that always happens.

I need a small TBR that leaves some wiggle room to simply pick up something I fancy reading. Only I have no self restraint when it comes to taking part in about four Readathons a month.


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