Blogmas Day One.

I have been neglecting my blog recently and K can’t really tell you why. It’s the reason why I decided to try and do Blogmas this year.

I do want to trt and keep it book related and got the idea from Hailey over at Hailey In Bookland over on YouTube so can’t take all the credit for the idea.

I had planned on just having this opening post as a brief summary of what I have planned for each day and yet that didn’t seem like the best option as I realised I hadn’t let you all know what I have been planning on taking part in for the month of December.

I plan on taking part in two readathons, although one did start in November J am confident I can complete it in December it runs until the 31st December and is based around The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Once I have everything sorted for that I wi hopefully get around to a blog post for it. There are so many different paths and things to do it’s just so well thought out. In the mean time if you want more information then the creator over on YouTube is

She has put so much thought into this and I wish I had known about it from the start

But the main Readathon I am taking part in and the main point of this first blog Post is The Reindeer Readathon. Unfortunately at the time this is going up sign ups have closed but hopefully you have all already joined. I will leave a link to the YouTube video and announcement down below and of course the Twitter account is linked in the description of that video.

THE PROMPTS and the books I picked for each prompt.

DASHER – 15 PTS A book with a one word title.

DANCER – 10 PTS A companion novel or a sequel (as in a dancing parter).

PRANCER – 15 PTS A book with a map in it.

VIXEN 25 PTS OR 20 PTS A book with a fox on the cover. (Alternatively, a strong female lead).

COMET – 30PTS A book you find intimidating.

CUPID – 10 PTS Read a genre that you love.

DONNER – 15 PTS A book with something hidden inside (under the dust jacket, chapter heads, art etc.)

BLITZEN – 20 PTS A book with some sort of struggle (internal struggle, war, battle etc)

RUDOLPH – 20 PTS A book where the main character doesn’t seem to fit in (outsider, misfit).


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