12 Letters of Christmas – Childhood.

I am writing this blog as part of The 12 Letters of Christmas series that was created by

https://www.instagram.com/fictiontea/ and Beth over on BooksNest. The Announcement video will be listed at the bottom of this post.

I have so many childhood Christmas memories that it would be hard to pick just one. Most of them include my grandad, who passed away four years ago. He would always find ways to make me and my sister enjoy Christmas Day and was always happy and cheerful, providinf the Christmas dinner wasn’t messed up and there were piles of Brussel sprouts.

I remember one year that sticks out in my mind I think I was about 10 or 11, keep in mind that my grandad would always have a pint of lime and lemon with his Christmas dinner, this particular year he reached out to get the gravy jug and his hand just caught the glass of lime and lemon and it tipped over spilling the entire contents of the glass all over his dinner. His face soured instantly and nobody dared move or even breathe until he did something. He had a face like thunder. I remember looking up at my mum and the two of us just burst out laughing. Which in turn caused him to laugh. It’s safe to say we never let him forget it. Every year after that until he died my Grandma would ask him “Robert, do you want gravy or lime and lemon with your dinner”

I could list so many more childhood memories but that particular one stick in my mind.


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