12 Letters of Christmas Day 2- Home

Today’s word is home and it couldn’t be more appropriate all we have heard all year is stay home. Don’t leave your home. It isn’t safe to leave your home. Home might be where the heart is. It it’s also where insanity is kept. So many of us have been cut off from the world, from friends and family and have been holding on to the single hope that Christmas will bring everyone together.

So many of us are now so sick of being at home and yet the wish and hope that we can have just the one day at home with the family is all we want. Yet no households can mix. You can’t ring your friends as they might pass Covid down the phone. So many rules and each postcode has different ones. The only one that crosses between each one is stay at home. Don’t leave your home.

Yet that is the one rule that people can’t abide by and the one rule that everyone breaks. Instead they just carry on with life as if nothing has happened. As if nothing has changed and then they are the ones who complain they can’t see their family over Christmas.

This year has been all about the true meaning of what home really means to us all.

Home is where those you love are, be that the same house, the same flat, the same street or even those that we are miles apart from. I haven’t seen my dad since March 5th. I haven’t seen my friends since March 10th. I haven’t seen my grandma since February 20tg and I miss them all dearly every single day. Yet if I have learnt anything this year then it is home is not a place you can go by boat, or train, or car or plane. It isn’t anywhere that you can travel too. It’s a person home is wherever your loved ones are and home is in the heart.

So especially this year I say when you are home at Christmas raise a glass to all those you love. Tell them you love them and remember that no matter where you are, no matter how far away those who love you are home when just the thought of them crosses your mind.

Merry Christmas. Stay Strong, Stay Home, Stay Safe.


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