12 Letters of Christmas Day 3 -Rest and Relaxation

This year we all deserve some rest and relaxation. Just some time to reflect on every thing the world has been through this year. It’s been a hard one for all of us. Each person having their own reasons be that mental health suffering, work suffering or a mixture of both.

We have all suffered loss this year and it’s the perfect time of year to just relax. Don’t worry about getting up early, take some rest and stay in bed past Noon, nobody will judge you for it. Relax be that watching a beloved film, reading a book, having a bath or just face chatting with fsmily. Whatever it is that makes you relax do it. Forget the world outside, we can’t go there anyway. Turn off the door bell, switch of the mobile, unplug the landline and disconnect the internet, and just relax take some time to look after yourself and just let the world carry on without you for a few hours. I promise it will still be there when you return to it, can’t promise what state it will be in but it will still be there.


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