12 Letters to Christmas 6- Tradition

I am sure that all of us have our Christmas traditions be that from how we organise present opening to who we face time or in regards to what we cook or even watch on TV. Even when we don’t realise something is a tradition until someone points out that we do it every single year.

The tradition to my Christmas is Monopoly, if you are in my house at Christmas by law you have to play Monopoly. It’s just a thing. Something that I will continue to do for as long as I have people in my home for Christmas. This year is going to be no different, although there is only me and my sister this year we are still playing Monopoly whether she wants to or not.

I get really competitive playing it as well, also it’s worth noting that I have never lost a game of Christmas Day Monopoly yet.

I would love to know what traditions you have.


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