12Letters to Christmas Day 7 – Motivation

This year has been a funny year and I think we all need some motivation to just get things done and not just sit and complain about how rubbish the year has been, how we can’t wait for 2021 and how we just want to see our friends and family. So I thought for today I would share some things that have kept me motivated and not let me slump my way through the year.

Now that is not to say I haven’t had really bad days where I just haven’t gotten out of bed and not seen the point of life but I think everyone has had days like that, especially this year.

I decided on a total whim in July to take up bullet journal, junk journalling and scrap booking it’s just been such a mood lifter. Just being able to sit down with a load of stationary and journal supplies, some of the junk journalling supplies I bought on Etsy, and just journal about my day or my week or even just a thought I have had. It’s been so much fun and you find out things about yourself that you didn’t realise you were thinking. An example for me is the other day I found out that I was in love with a fictional bird from the Legend of Zelda series (well not in love exactly but that I adored him so much)

I also started walking every evening without fail no matter what the weather and no matter how I am feeling. It’s such a great way to motivate yourself to do something with your day.

This year has also motivated me to read more and just left me with nothing to do but read, despite having a two month reading slump, I was able to read 135 books this year or at least so far and it’s currently December 19

Merry Christmas


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