12 Letters to Christmas Day 8- Favourite

With today’s word being favourite I thought I would tell you all a few of my favourite Christmas things.

My Favourite Christmas food has to be a turkey dinner (although this year I am having chicken instead) complete with parsnips and Yorkshire pudding. Just without cranberry sauce, I mean I am allergic to it can I be let off for not having it?

My favourite Christmas drink has to be Mulled Wine, I love it so much and this year is going to be my first year making it myself so looking forwards to that its either going to go really well or really badly let’s hope it isn’t the latter of the two

My favourite Christmas song has to be either Last Christmas by Wham or Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. Both have such good memories and they were my mum’s favourite songs both always make me think of her at Christmas. She would always turn the TV volume right up when Last Christmas came on and I still do that now.

My favourite Christmas movie is a hard one and there are three that I can’t pick between and those are Love Actually, It’s a Wonderful Life and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (the one with Whoopi Goldberg as the voice of Stormella, if you haven’t seen it do check it out)

Finally my favourite Christmas tradition is something I touched on in an earlier 12 Letters to Christmas when we talked about tradition so I won’t got to much into it but that is the traditional Christmas Day arguments over the rules of monopoly, have you ever noticed that nobody ever reads the rules of monopoly until an argument breaks out over something.


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