12 Letters to Christmas Day 11 -A Gift

Today’s word or phrase is a gift and I knew exactly what to write for this. It was a total no brained, but exactly how to put it into words I don’t know. So if this makes no sense then please forgive me.
Earlier this year on the recommendation of a book tuber I bought various middle grade books and one of them was Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell. I was so looking forwards to reading it and yet when it arrived I found that some of the pages were greyed out. I mentioned it over on Twitter, voicing my confusion as to why it was like that, not at all tagging the author.
Yet the next day when I logged into Twitter I had a message from her apologising for the book, of course I told her it was by no means her fault, and she offered to send me a free copy of the book as a sorry if I have her my address, which I did but also telling her that it was by no means necessary and I could get it exchanged when I was next in the bookstore I ordered it from,.
Heard no reply from her but four days later a copy of the book arrived in the mail. It was signed and made out to personally me with a note to say sorry for the misprint it also included a book mark.

It was such an amazing gift and I instantly ran to Twitter to thank her.


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