Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

It’s finally here. There is going to actual real people taking part in a Frozen themed Readathon and I am so excited to be hosting it. I will be most active on the Discord but if you don’t have Discord of course you can still take part. There is no points system for this it’s just a nice way to have reading in the month of December.

The Rock Trolls couldn’t be in the picture as it took all of them to take the picture.

So here we go all the information you need is right here. Any questions just ask me

I have included blank copies of each Team’s Prompt Boards incase you want to use them over on the Discord or Twitter, if using Twitter use the Hashtag #DoYoWantToBuildASnowman

Obviously the second rule may have to be bent a little if you are using some Teams Perks.

Also just to clarify you can only use the perk for your own team and not others, plus you can only use your team perk for your teams prompts.

Team Elsa:

Team Anna:

Team Olaf:

Team Kristoff:

Team Rock Trolls:


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