What have you recently become obessed with?

Recently I read The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and I loved it. I knew how it would end because I know the Myth and yet I was still hoping I was wrong.

I knew it would break my heart into a million pieces, but didn’t expect it to bury those pieces and just leave them to disintegrate over and over into nothing.

Which leads me onto the title of this blog. I have become obessed with Achilles myths. I mean be that retellings like Song of Achilles or the actual myth itself. I just can’t get enough and know that I need to read more and despite just finishing The Song of Achilles last month I know I need to re read it again as soon as possible. It has easily become my all time favourite book. I just loved it so much.

Other than books I have become obsessed with Pokémon Arceus. I have never had so much fun playing a Pokémon game. Do you play Pokemon Arceus? If you do have you found a shiny Pokemon yet? What was it? What was your first ever shiny Pokemon in and what was your first Pokemon Arceus shiny?

Mine was a shiny Zubat way back in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire and I had no pokeballs to catch it. The first shiny I found in Pokémon Arceus was Electabuzz.

Of course I am also obessed with anything to do with Legend of Zelda. I love it so much and am one of the few who really loves Revali. But any way I am obessed with it. Love the manga and the games. I get way to into them and sure most of them get on my nerves mainly because Link is an idiot but still it’s addictive.

What are some things you are obessed with?


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