Readathon Plans and check in

Okay so I have pretty much been absent from my blog for some time now and J don’t really have any excuse for it. It just haven’t been in the mood to write up a blog post and if I am honest just don’t really have many ideas for what I want to write. I could always do a book tag but I can never find one that I really like so instead I just stopped posting and that needs to change. I just need to find some inspiration again.

I know it will come to me eventually but I just wanted to at least write something and this is what this blog post is, just a check in to let you know my plans for the next few months, not that I have much but stay tuned for a couple of what I think are rather exciting annouments.

Reading Plans for the next three months:

So I am in the middle of, or have just started, way to many series so in the months of May and June I want to try and focus on getting up to date with ones that are yet to be completed and also actually finishing out ones that are.

Exactly how well that will go I am not sure but there are a few that I want to prioritise so I am making myself accountable and posting them right underneath here. I think I am going to with a few series that I want to get to finishing ASAP.

So I only actually need to complete the second Volume of Wires and Nerve graphic novel, as far as I am aware there is only two but I will have to check up on that one.
I think it’s volume 3 I am up to in this although I might just binge the whole series in June because I am not sure and it’s been a while since I picked one up. At least it’s manga and that makes it a pretty quick read.
Such a fun middle grade series where Disney villains are school teachers, of course there is much more to it than that but it’s a fun time and I do want to finish out the series.
I think this is more a companion novel, but I still really want to get to it just to finish the series and be done with another one.
I adore Reichs in this. I love the humour and the darkness it entails. Overall I am enjoying this series but I do want to get it finished, although if it went on forever I would never complain.
A cozy middle grade, that I really have no excuse to not get read soon, been putting it off for ages and not sure why. I need to bite the bullet and read it. I know I am going to love it and wait way to long for the next book in the series
Finally for series I want to finish I have been working my way through the collectors Editions of Pokemon Manga and currently there are 10 out in the UK, not sure if more are going to be published or not but I am up to volume 7.
I have been loving this series and again not sure why I haven’t finished it yet but it’s so much fun and the twists and turns are just perfect.

And that is it for series I want to get finished for now. Of course there are also series that I really want to start, but hopefully I can at least wait until I finish a series before I begin a new one, of course we know that won’t happen. So just going to post a couple of series and trilogies I want to get to as well, no captions for these just a few front covers.

Of course there is more there is always more but I would be here forever if I listed them all so these are just the ones that I am most excited about starting and of course the ones that I want to finish as soon as I can.

Now if you are still here it is time for the most exciting part. Me and my sister are planning a year long Readathon. It’s going to be based around Lilo and Stitch. .

There will be a Discord and it will involve recruiting characters to help you collect up all the known experiments and we might even create a few of our own for good measure. But it’s going to be a blast and I hope you can join us. The plan is to begin on July 15 and run until July 15 but we shall see.

Until next time, hopefully it won’t be too long this time.


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