The Seaside Squad.

This might at first seem strange but please hear me out as this is something that both me and a lot of British Holiday goers feel really passionate about.

Haven has made huge changes to our beloved Seaside Squad and it is devestating. I might be 31 but I broke down into tears when I saw what they have done to them.

I like so many people in the UK grew up with these characters and I can’t speak for anyone else but I feel like my childhood has just been ripped away from me. So many childhood memories are just all crumpled and ruined just knowing that this change has been made.

What gets me the most about all this is that they totally removed Bradley Bear and instead brought in his niece, Rory the Tiger now looks more like the cheetah in the Cheeto’s adverts, Anxious is now called Annie, because apprently he being called Anxious was offensive and the same with Greedy the Gorilla, he is now apprently the same character but he is now to be known as George the Monkey. Polly the lifeguard and Ned the DJ have been totally removed.

None of it makes sense. There are multiple petitions around to stop this change from happening. One of them you can find here

So many children have been in tears over this change and as I said above I can join those children in being tears. Explain how these are the same characters as the ones above.

I am sure that I will never get over this. Call me dramatic but I am not the only one who is calling to Haven and begging them not to do this. It’s just devestating.

I will expect to see them at my next meeting with the Job Centre

If you read this or a agree with it or even both then post it around. Send it everywhere and let it be known that me and so many others are not happy.

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