A Cover Is Not The Book Readathon

It’s time to finally announce the Readathon that I have been working on for the past couple of months. I do have plans to host more after this, based on other Disney films.

Have you guessed the film yet? Of course you have it’s Mary Poppins. I did decide to combine both films as it seemed more fun and gave more range of different prompts and teams.

This readathon will take place from July 1st to August 10th. You can either start it when it turns midnight on July 1st in your timezone or in the BST timezone. Although it will end at midnight BST on August 10th regardless.

So as I mentioned there will be teams, and it may be slightly competitive but I am no good at creating spread sheets so I will be making a Google form to fill in with a simple way for me to tally up prompts, unless anyone is able to make me a spread sheet. I would be forever in your debt for

The Teams are: Team Mary Poppins, Team Banks, Team Jack and Team Bert

Now let’s get into the prompts, which will also be in the discord. Links to that and the Twitter page will be at the bottom of this blog.

  • Prompts:

Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way so naturally you must read a 5 star prediction.

Bert: The loyal friend who is always there to cheer up those who are feeling down so read a book with a loyal friend/character

The Banks: This family comes with a whole set of problems, yet in the end they always come together so read a book with strong family values/relationships

Jack: This cheerful Leary was not only the apprentice of Bert but Mary Poppins was his nanny when he was a boy so read a book with a mentor or someone who looks out for another character.

  • Mary Poppins:
  • The Perfect Nanny: Read a book with either a nanny or a foster family.
  • Sister Suffragette: Read a book set during the suffragette movement or with women empowerment
  • The Life I Lead: Read an autobiography or a fictional work where someone specifically tells their own story.
  • A Spoonful of Sugar: Read a book that you think will be a light-hearted read.
  • Jolly Holiday: Read a book set in a country other the country you live in
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Read the longest book on your TBR. Manga or graphic novels can’t be counted for this prompt.
  • Stay Awake: Read a book in one sitting or over a 24 hour period
  • I Love To Laugh: Read a book you think will make you laugh
  • Feed The Birds: Read a book with a bird on the cover
  • Fidietly Fiduciary Bank: Read your most expensive book.
  • Chim Chimney: Read a book where the main character has a job
  • Step In Time: Read a book you want to read or the first book you think of
  • Lets Go Fly A Kite: Read the final book in a series or the last book in a series that is published.
  • Mary Poppins Returns
  • Can You Imagine That: Read a fantasy set in a different world.
  • The Royal Dalton Music Hall: Read a book that features music or a musician
  • A Cover Is Not The Book: You get double points for this book but can only complete it once. Read a book that you don’t like the cover of.
  • The Place Where The Lost Things Go: Read a book where a character loses someone or a book set in Heaven
  • Turning Turtle: Read a manga
  • Trip a Little Light Fantastic: Read a book where the main character needs guidance or gives guidance
  • Nowhere to Go But Up: Read the next book in a series
  • Underneath the Lovely London Sky: Read a book set in London

Now that we have the prompts sorted let me get into the points. I am going to have to trust you not to lie about it all.

You get 100 points for each 100 pages you read and 50 points for any number less than that. So if a book is 499 pages then you get 450 points. However you would also get 450 points for a book with 401 pages.

On top of the page count you get 50 points for each prompt you fill out. Although you can only use a book to cover a maximum of four prompts.

The only book you can’t double up is the book you pick for the prompt A Cover is not the Book. The double points for this work out as 200 in place of 100 and 100 in place of 50 in the way that is explained above

Also remember you get double points for reading a book for your own teams prompt. But you can only complete that prompt once.


If you think a book counts for a prompt then it counts but you can always ask in the discord, which I will list below. You can also ask on the official Twitter page or on my personal Twitter, again which will be down below.

For a book to count you must fi out the Google Docs form that I will release a few days before the Readathon starts. Any books entered before the start date will not be counted.

I think that is everything covered if there is something I have missed then I will address it.

Before we get any further let me get one thing clear

Although seriously of you confused about something ask over on Twitter or discord
  • Discord: Where most of the action will be is https://discord.gg/DWFnyKRqn9
  • If the discord link doesn’t work then just contact me on one of the above Twitter accounts (preferably my personal Twitter) and I will send you a link.


Alice Oseman Reading Order

I had all this typed up on my phone and then my phone decided to delete it all. It’s reasons like this that I hate my phone and I know it hates me. We just have to live with each other.

So lets get into the purpose of the books.

You could really read them in any order you like. But a few people have been asking what order to read Alice Oseman’s books in and the best thing is to read them in one of two ways. The first is read the standalones then move onto the series in publication order and the second is to read the standalones and then read the series is chronological order.

If you are confused don’t worry I am here to help. So the standalones are as follows:

Radio Silence
I Was Born For This
Solitaire ??

Why the question marks after Solitaire? Well the reason for this is you could read it separately as a standalone as it is in its own right but it does follow the events of Heartstopper series. Now hold on this is where it can get complicated. I decided to leave off publication order and just decided to go with the order I would recommend reading them and that is in Chronological order.

Heartstopper Volume One
Heartstopper Volume Two
Heartstopper Volume Three
Heartstopper Volume Four
This Winter
Nick and Charlie

Technically This Winter takes place about three quarters of the way through Heartstopper Volume Four but it’s much easier to read it afterwards as a way of getting more details.

Any confusion just let me know and I can help you out
I hope this has cleared up a few questions.

What annoys you ?

There are a lot of things that really annoy me but the one thing that I am talking about right now is when someone takes your ideas, changes them around a little to just make them seem as though they are their own. Although having spent six months working on something, actually putting it into action and then spend it another six months planning round two and having it almost ready to announce, but as I mentioned above someone taking the idea.

It can’t be claimed as original as mine was done first and there was three rounds of it, although to be fair only the last round was copied. It just really does grind my gears and has put me off wanting to plan anything more.

It isn’t the first time it’s happened either, the first time was a real stab in the back, a twist of the knife and recording to the slow demise. I mean that.time the person who I planned it all with down to the last detail was one the people in charge of something that was really similar pretty much just different team names but all the characters and prompts were practically the same.

I just feel like history is repeating itself and it makes me.so angry that six months worth of work and planning has now just been flushed down the drain.

If you do know what I am talking about then keep it down on the back burner and don’t mention it in any comments as I am already angry and had to delete the discord and accounts that are associated with my original idea.

Maybe at some point in the future I might plan another one, but if I do and it gets stolen again then I will not stay silent about it. It isn’t fair to steal ideas from others.

Legend of Zelda Readathon

Breath of the Wild.

So it’s finally time for my third Readathon in my Legend of Zelda Series and I am not sure where to go after this one. If you guys all still want another one then I will do my best to plan one but not really all that sure. If I do another Readathon it might be based on something else. I do have a few ideas about that, but never mind that right now.

This Readathon will take place from February 1st 2021 to March 7th 2021.

All links to pages will be down below, as I find it easier to do it that way when writing a long post. I will also have them pinned on bother the readathons Twitter page and on the discord channel, probably in Hyrule Fields.

We have the princess of Hyrule to save from Calamity Ganon.

I am doing this a little differently. Instead of posting all the prompts here I will only be posting them in the channels dedicated to each team. Although if you are not on discord please don’t worry of you drop me a message over on my twitter account and let me know what team you want I will let you know the prompts for your chosen team.
Teams are Team Zora, Team Rito, Team Goron and Team Gerudo.
Each team has their ow champion and that comes with their own separate ability can both help or hinder you depending on if you plan to use it.

Champion Urbosa – Urbosa’s Fury

You are furious about one of your prompts so using the thunder of your champion Urbosa you can shock the Zora’s and steal one of their prompts. Although doing this comes with a price as you can only read this book during the hours of 7am – 9am and 7pm – 9pm ( in your timezone)

Champion Revali -Revali’s Gale
Revali will allow you to fly over any prompt and ignore it. Although this comes with a price to pay as when you come to defeating Ganon you must instead read the equivalent of 1500 pages instead of just 1000, as let’s face it he really shouldn’t have lost to Windblight Ganon.

Champion Mipha – Mipha’s Grace

Mipha has given you healing powers and allowed you to complete the same prompt twice and swap out one prompt you don’t like if you want. However of course this comes with a price you can only read this book in daylight and the book you choose must be over 400 pages.

Champion Daruk – Daruk’s Protection

Daruk can grant you temporary protection from the rules instead of completing one of your prompts you can swap it out for Akkala Towers prompt. Yet the price you will need to pay for this is you can only read this book at night or between the hours of 8pm to 5am.

Now that you have the abilities of your champions you are free to pick your teams. Unless you have already.
Also the prompt that all teams share is Hyrule Fields.

Then finally all that is left is to use a combination of the following prompts to defeat Ganon himself. You can read as many or as little books as you want but you do have to read a total of at least 1000 pages to defeat him.
You must pick on tower and one location at minimum.
Plus if you finish then please do complete more books. You have until March 15 officially but if you want to complete all prompts the nothing is stopping you. You have until the second round in either September or November not decided yet.


Hyrule Fields: Read a book that was published at least five years ago.

Ganon – Combine at least one location and one tower to complete this prompt. Although must read at least 1000 pages this can be over two books or even 12 books.

Tower Prompts:

I may have gotten a few towers mixed up, it’s been a while since I have played a game on Breath of the Wild.

Great Plateau Tower – This is the first tower you claim and have to claim to complete the game. Read the first book you think of.

Central Tower – This tower is covered and guardian by the Guardians of Hyrule that Ganon has turned against us all. Read a hard cover to block those lasors.

Ridgeland Tower – Wizrobe and electric Lizalfos make climbing this tower very hard read a hard cover with yellow on the cover or a hard cover with gold foiling.

Lake Tower – I found this to be one of the easiest towers to claim having only a few Lizalfos to defeat to get there so read a Middle Grade or Novella to complete this tower.

Gerudo Tower – This tower is the tallest to climb, the best way to climb it is to glide onto it from a high cliff. Read a book that you came across randomly or a book you bought on a whim

Tabantha Tower – Ganon’s Malice makes this tower difficult to say the least defeat all that nasty Malice by reading a book over 500 pages.

Hebra Tower – This tower is in a really cold climate and covered in ice. In order to climb it read a book with the words snow or ice in the title or a book set in a cold climate.

Wasteland Tower – Due to this tower being in the middle of a swamp and unable to get to with the use of either Cryonosis or knocking a pillar down read a book that is at least in part set in a swamp/marshland or a book you previously DNF’d

Faron Tower – This tower has you fighting keese if you climb at night and bring in the middle of a forest that is famous for its thunderstorms read a book with a bat on the cover or a book set in a forest.

Hateno Tower – To climb this tower you must first eliminate the thorns fight them with fire by reading a book with an orange cover or a book with thorns on the cover.

Akkala Tower – One of the hardest to get to it’s surrounded by Bokoblins, Malice and Sky Guardians in order to complete it read the longest book you own or a book over 700 pages.

Lanayru Tower – To climb this tower you will find yourself fighting Moblins as you climb a cliff face read a book with a weapon on the cover.

Duelling Peaks – This tower is surrounded by water so to climb it you are going to need to once again use Cryonosis. Read a book that takes place on an island or a book with a world connected to our world, an example would be Narnia.

Woodland Tower – This is in the middle of a Bokoblins training camp so read a book with an epic battle or a battle or a book with a battle for survival.


Lake Hylia – Read book with water on the cover or a book with a Goddess as the main character

Temple of Time – Read a book either set in the past or the future or a book set in two time zones.

Korok Forest – The Koroks seem to end up everywht and without any explanation. Read a book you have seen everywhere but know nothing about

Lost Woods – The white fog makes it really hard to navigate so close your ends and blindly choose a book or pick a book with a completely white cover.

Kakariko Village – Due to the villagers being calming and friendly read a book with a tight friendship or a book that has a strong family bond.

Hateno Village – This is where Link buys an old.abandoned house. Read a book where someone moves house or a book that features an old abandoned building.

Lurelin Village – This beautiful is more like a coastal town set on the beaches of Hyrule read a book set in a coastal setting or a book with a Beautiful cover.

Hebra Mountain – Hebra mountains have a colony of Lynels living there. Read a book with a mythical create either on the cover of as part of the plot.

Akkala Highlands – Guardians, Bokoblins, Moblins you name it they are all there. Read a book you think will take you by surprise or read a 5 star prediction.

Faron Woods – Read a book that has lightening on the cover or a book with trees on the cover.

Tarry Town – Link helped create this town by recruiting people from around Hyrule. Pick a prompt from a team that isn’t your own to complete this prompt.

Any questions please don’t fail to ask me.


Twitter: @KateADale or @LinktothepastR
Discord: Is in the pinned tweet of @Linktothepast Twitter.

12 Letters to Christmas Day 11 -A Gift

Today’s word or phrase is a gift and I knew exactly what to write for this. It was a total no brained, but exactly how to put it into words I don’t know. So if this makes no sense then please forgive me.
Earlier this year on the recommendation of a book tuber I bought various middle grade books and one of them was Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell. I was so looking forwards to reading it and yet when it arrived I found that some of the pages were greyed out. I mentioned it over on Twitter, voicing my confusion as to why it was like that, not at all tagging the author.
Yet the next day when I logged into Twitter I had a message from her apologising for the book, of course I told her it was by no means her fault, and she offered to send me a free copy of the book as a sorry if I have her my address, which I did but also telling her that it was by no means necessary and I could get it exchanged when I was next in the bookstore I ordered it from,.
Heard no reply from her but four days later a copy of the book arrived in the mail. It was signed and made out to personally me with a note to say sorry for the misprint it also included a book mark.

It was such an amazing gift and I instantly ran to Twitter to thank her.

12 Letters to Christmas Day 9

I am a little late in posting this today but it’s just been one of those days where I have barely done anything. I slept in really late and have had a lot of pain in my back and just felt so drained.

Today’s word is stories and if I go on telling you all my Christmas stories it will take me until New Years to write them and I just don’t have time for that. So instead today I thought I would mention a story that I always love around Christmas, well technically a story and a poem but I can’t go through a Christmas Eve without them.

The first one is a little story that my grandma and grandad bought me when I was about six or seven and its one of those stories that feature you. So it’s this Christmas story about me helping Santa to deliver presents and it just my favourite.

The second is Teas the Night Before Christmas. It’s become a law in my house that I have to read it every Christmas Eve. I know it off by heart but still I have to psychically read it every single year.

12 Letters to Christmas Day 8- Favourite

With today’s word being favourite I thought I would tell you all a few of my favourite Christmas things.

My Favourite Christmas food has to be a turkey dinner (although this year I am having chicken instead) complete with parsnips and Yorkshire pudding. Just without cranberry sauce, I mean I am allergic to it can I be let off for not having it?

My favourite Christmas drink has to be Mulled Wine, I love it so much and this year is going to be my first year making it myself so looking forwards to that its either going to go really well or really badly let’s hope it isn’t the latter of the two

My favourite Christmas song has to be either Last Christmas by Wham or Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. Both have such good memories and they were my mum’s favourite songs both always make me think of her at Christmas. She would always turn the TV volume right up when Last Christmas came on and I still do that now.

My favourite Christmas movie is a hard one and there are three that I can’t pick between and those are Love Actually, It’s a Wonderful Life and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (the one with Whoopi Goldberg as the voice of Stormella, if you haven’t seen it do check it out)

Finally my favourite Christmas tradition is something I touched on in an earlier 12 Letters to Christmas when we talked about tradition so I won’t got to much into it but that is the traditional Christmas Day arguments over the rules of monopoly, have you ever noticed that nobody ever reads the rules of monopoly until an argument breaks out over something.

12Letters to Christmas Day 7 – Motivation

This year has been a funny year and I think we all need some motivation to just get things done and not just sit and complain about how rubbish the year has been, how we can’t wait for 2021 and how we just want to see our friends and family. So I thought for today I would share some things that have kept me motivated and not let me slump my way through the year.

Now that is not to say I haven’t had really bad days where I just haven’t gotten out of bed and not seen the point of life but I think everyone has had days like that, especially this year.

I decided on a total whim in July to take up bullet journal, junk journalling and scrap booking it’s just been such a mood lifter. Just being able to sit down with a load of stationary and journal supplies, some of the junk journalling supplies I bought on Etsy, and just journal about my day or my week or even just a thought I have had. It’s been so much fun and you find out things about yourself that you didn’t realise you were thinking. An example for me is the other day I found out that I was in love with a fictional bird from the Legend of Zelda series (well not in love exactly but that I adored him so much)

I also started walking every evening without fail no matter what the weather and no matter how I am feeling. It’s such a great way to motivate yourself to do something with your day.

This year has also motivated me to read more and just left me with nothing to do but read, despite having a two month reading slump, I was able to read 135 books this year or at least so far and it’s currently December 19

Merry Christmas

12 Letters to Christmas 6- Tradition

I am sure that all of us have our Christmas traditions be that from how we organise present opening to who we face time or in regards to what we cook or even watch on TV. Even when we don’t realise something is a tradition until someone points out that we do it every single year.

The tradition to my Christmas is Monopoly, if you are in my house at Christmas by law you have to play Monopoly. It’s just a thing. Something that I will continue to do for as long as I have people in my home for Christmas. This year is going to be no different, although there is only me and my sister this year we are still playing Monopoly whether she wants to or not.

I get really competitive playing it as well, also it’s worth noting that I have never lost a game of Christmas Day Monopoly yet.

I would love to know what traditions you have.