12 Letters to Christmas 6- Tradition

I am sure that all of us have our Christmas traditions be that from how we organise present opening to who we face time or in regards to what we cook or even watch on TV. Even when we don’t realise something is a tradition until someone points out that we do it every single year.

The tradition to my Christmas is Monopoly, if you are in my house at Christmas by law you have to play Monopoly. It’s just a thing. Something that I will continue to do for as long as I have people in my home for Christmas. This year is going to be no different, although there is only me and my sister this year we are still playing Monopoly whether she wants to or not.

I get really competitive playing it as well, also it’s worth noting that I have never lost a game of Christmas Day Monopoly yet.

I would love to know what traditions you have.


12 Letters to Christmas Day 5 – Sustainable

Even whilst writing this I have no idea what to do for this word prompt. Yet the day is running out and I don’t have much time left.

What would you write for today’s word? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

My only real thought of anything that I can really do when it comes to this prompt is that I tend to try and re use wrapping paper as much as I can. I will be the one member of the family opening presents so carefully in order to keep the wrapping paper from ripping and the odds are you will get the same wrapping paper back wrapped around your gift the following year. I just don’t really like having to buy loads of wrapping paper each year. So what is the harm in using what I have already got. It saves money and does it really matter what is used to wrap your gift? Isn’t it what is inside that counts

12 Letters of Christmas Day 4 – Iridescent and sparkly

This is both an interesting and hard to work with an it has really made me think what I can do for today. It has certainly took much longer to come up with something than it has for the last few days. Yet I think I have come up with something.

If you ignore the mess behind it you can get more sparkly than a Christmas tree and it can also fit for the word iridescent as of you look at the top of the tree you will find a pink bauble, although I swear it’s purple.

I love having my tree up it really makes the room brighter. Sometimes I wish we could just have the tree up all year round. Although considering the carpet remains sparkly with tinsel until July maybe that would be a good idea. I would never get rid of the tinsel.

12 Letters of Christmas Day 3 -Rest and Relaxation

This year we all deserve some rest and relaxation. Just some time to reflect on every thing the world has been through this year. It’s been a hard one for all of us. Each person having their own reasons be that mental health suffering, work suffering or a mixture of both.

We have all suffered loss this year and it’s the perfect time of year to just relax. Don’t worry about getting up early, take some rest and stay in bed past Noon, nobody will judge you for it. Relax be that watching a beloved film, reading a book, having a bath or just face chatting with fsmily. Whatever it is that makes you relax do it. Forget the world outside, we can’t go there anyway. Turn off the door bell, switch of the mobile, unplug the landline and disconnect the internet, and just relax take some time to look after yourself and just let the world carry on without you for a few hours. I promise it will still be there when you return to it, can’t promise what state it will be in but it will still be there.

12 Letters of Christmas Day 2- Home

Today’s word is home and it couldn’t be more appropriate all we have heard all year is stay home. Don’t leave your home. It isn’t safe to leave your home. Home might be where the heart is. It it’s also where insanity is kept. So many of us have been cut off from the world, from friends and family and have been holding on to the single hope that Christmas will bring everyone together.

So many of us are now so sick of being at home and yet the wish and hope that we can have just the one day at home with the family is all we want. Yet no households can mix. You can’t ring your friends as they might pass Covid down the phone. So many rules and each postcode has different ones. The only one that crosses between each one is stay at home. Don’t leave your home.

Yet that is the one rule that people can’t abide by and the one rule that everyone breaks. Instead they just carry on with life as if nothing has happened. As if nothing has changed and then they are the ones who complain they can’t see their family over Christmas.

This year has been all about the true meaning of what home really means to us all.

Home is where those you love are, be that the same house, the same flat, the same street or even those that we are miles apart from. I haven’t seen my dad since March 5th. I haven’t seen my friends since March 10th. I haven’t seen my grandma since February 20tg and I miss them all dearly every single day. Yet if I have learnt anything this year then it is home is not a place you can go by boat, or train, or car or plane. It isn’t anywhere that you can travel too. It’s a person home is wherever your loved ones are and home is in the heart.

So especially this year I say when you are home at Christmas raise a glass to all those you love. Tell them you love them and remember that no matter where you are, no matter how far away those who love you are home when just the thought of them crosses your mind.

Merry Christmas. Stay Strong, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

12 Letters of Christmas – Childhood.

I am writing this blog as part of The 12 Letters of Christmas series that was created by

https://www.instagram.com/fictiontea/ and Beth over on BooksNest. The Announcement video will be listed at the bottom of this post.

I have so many childhood Christmas memories that it would be hard to pick just one. Most of them include my grandad, who passed away four years ago. He would always find ways to make me and my sister enjoy Christmas Day and was always happy and cheerful, providinf the Christmas dinner wasn’t messed up and there were piles of Brussel sprouts.

I remember one year that sticks out in my mind I think I was about 10 or 11, keep in mind that my grandad would always have a pint of lime and lemon with his Christmas dinner, this particular year he reached out to get the gravy jug and his hand just caught the glass of lime and lemon and it tipped over spilling the entire contents of the glass all over his dinner. His face soured instantly and nobody dared move or even breathe until he did something. He had a face like thunder. I remember looking up at my mum and the two of us just burst out laughing. Which in turn caused him to laugh. It’s safe to say we never let him forget it. Every year after that until he died my Grandma would ask him “Robert, do you want gravy or lime and lemon with your dinner”

I could list so many more childhood memories but that particular one stick in my mind.

Blogmas Day 2

When it comes to Christmas I am both the biggest Scrooge and the happiest girl alive. I do love Christmas I love gifting people and J love seeing the look on people’s faces when they get something that they really want. However there is a catch I really hate accepting presents I mean that makes me sound selfish but I never know how to react to things people gift me and always worry I am not going to act in the way they want. Does that sound strange?

Today I was hoping to have an original tag for you based on Legend of Zelda, but not gotten it finishes yet so it’s going to have to wait for another day. Sorry this is so short. Just didn’t really feel like writing today.

Blogmas Day One.

I have been neglecting my blog recently and K can’t really tell you why. It’s the reason why I decided to try and do Blogmas this year.

I do want to trt and keep it book related and got the idea from Hailey over at Hailey In Bookland over on YouTube so can’t take all the credit for the idea.

I had planned on just having this opening post as a brief summary of what I have planned for each day and yet that didn’t seem like the best option as I realised I hadn’t let you all know what I have been planning on taking part in for the month of December.

I plan on taking part in two readathons, although one did start in November J am confident I can complete it in December it runs until the 31st December and is based around The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Once I have everything sorted for that I wi hopefully get around to a blog post for it. There are so many different paths and things to do it’s just so well thought out. In the mean time if you want more information then the creator over on YouTube is

She has put so much thought into this and I wish I had known about it from the start

But the main Readathon I am taking part in and the main point of this first blog Post is The Reindeer Readathon. Unfortunately at the time this is going up sign ups have closed but hopefully you have all already joined. I will leave a link to the YouTube video and announcement down below and of course the Twitter account is linked in the description of that video.

THE PROMPTS and the books I picked for each prompt.

DASHER – 15 PTS A book with a one word title.

DANCER – 10 PTS A companion novel or a sequel (as in a dancing parter).

PRANCER – 15 PTS A book with a map in it.

VIXEN 25 PTS OR 20 PTS A book with a fox on the cover. (Alternatively, a strong female lead).

COMET – 30PTS A book you find intimidating.

CUPID – 10 PTS Read a genre that you love.

DONNER – 15 PTS A book with something hidden inside (under the dust jacket, chapter heads, art etc.)

BLITZEN – 20 PTS A book with some sort of struggle (internal struggle, war, battle etc)

RUDOLPH – 20 PTS A book where the main character doesn’t seem to fit in (outsider, misfit).

Legend of Zelda Mini Readathon

Firstly I would like to say how sorry I am for taking such a long time to get this blog post written and just leaving you all with an Instagram Livestream. Links below or if you are part of the discord in Hyrule Fields it’s the pinned tweet.

Basically there are only two rules.

Rule One: You must choose a number before hand if you haven’t done that then drop me a DM on my twitter, which as usual will be listed below or check out the discord to pick a number there.

Rule Two: You must read a book that corresponds to the number you have chosen first, after that you can complete any number of prompts in any order.

The Readathon officially starts on November 1st and ends on November 18th. Although you always welcome to carry on through the rest of the month and through to December.

Hoping to have the first round of the new Readathon starting in February so if you are like me and want to try and complete all prompts you have until February 1st to do that.

Rather than me posting a long list of the prompts. I am just going to post the pictures of my plans if you are unable to read my writing please just let me know either through Twitter,o Instagram or the discord.

I also added an extra rule it’s mandatory and not up for discussion. You have to have fun.


Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/KateADale

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kateadale7100/

Discord: https://discord.gg/jB5qjDe

Struggling to Read Anything

I have recently been finding myself in multiple reading slumps and not really wanting to pick up a book and read. I feel as though reading is a sport and chore that has to be kept up daily and it makes me not want to do it.

I want to be able to fall back in love with books and the characters that you find inside them again. I don’t want it to feel as though I have to read 10 books a month or face the consequences. If I can do that then great but feeling as though I have to read just puts be back into a slump even after I think I have gotten out of it.

I can pull a book off my shelves or TBR pile and devour it thinking my slump is over and then when I reach for my next read I find that I am stuck again looking at the huge TBR pile makes me feel like I must complete it and that puts me off. I usually love having a monthly TBR but I give myself to much work and that always happens.

I need a small TBR that leaves some wiggle room to simply pick up something I fancy reading. Only I have no self restraint when it comes to taking part in about four Readathons a month.