Alice Oseman Reading Order

I had all this typed up on my phone and then my phone decided to delete it all. It’s reasons like this that I hate my phone and I know it hates me. We just have to live with each other.

So lets get into the purpose of the books.

You could really read them in any order you like. But a few people have been asking what order to read Alice Oseman’s books in and the best thing is to read them in one of two ways. The first is read the standalones then move onto the series in publication order and the second is to read the standalones and then read the series is chronological order.

If you are confused don’t worry I am here to help. So the standalones are as follows:

Radio Silence
I Was Born For This
Solitaire ??

Why the question marks after Solitaire? Well the reason for this is you could read it separately as a standalone as it is in its own right but it does follow the events of Heartstopper series. Now hold on this is where it can get complicated. I decided to leave off publication order and just decided to go with the order I would recommend reading them and that is in Chronological order.

Heartstopper Volume One
Heartstopper Volume Two
Heartstopper Volume Three
Heartstopper Volume Four
This Winter
Nick and Charlie

Technically This Winter takes place about three quarters of the way through Heartstopper Volume Four but it’s much easier to read it afterwards as a way of getting more details.

Any confusion just let me know and I can help you out
I hope this has cleared up a few questions.


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