22 Books to Read in 2022

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do this. I have no idea how this will go. But come the end of the year I will see what I have read and what I haven’t.

Yes it is almost the end of January, so might re visit this at the end of January 2023 and see then, but you never know.

The Books decided to list them rather than just put the covers on. Simply because I want to get back into actually writing blogs.

  • 1. Silence of The Girls – Pat Barker
  • 2. A Deadly Education – Naomi Novick
  • 3. The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting – Evanna Lynch.
  • 4. All of Us Villains – Amanda Foody and Catherine Lynn Herman
  • 5. The Extraordinares – TJ Klune
  • 6. Helen of Troy – Margaret George
  • 7. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han
  • 8. Fall of Giants – Ken Follett
  • 9. The God Game – Danny Tobey
  • 10. Girl A – Abigail Dean
  • 11. The Girl in the Blue Coat – Monica Hesse
  • 12. Phantom Limb – Lucinda Berry
  • 13. Red Dragon – Thomas Harris
  • 14. Ponti – Sharlene Te’o
  • 15. House of Furies – Madeline Roux
  • 16. A Little Life – Hanya Yanigahara
  • 17. How To Stop Time – Matt Haig
  • 18. The Vanishing Half – Brit Benett
  • 19. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister – Anne Lister
  • 20. The Holiday – T.M.Logan
  • 21. The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep – H.G. Parry
  • 22. Troy – Stephen Fry

And there we have it. I will check back in a year and see what I have actually read from this list.

How many do you reckon? I am going to go with 15. I know some of them I am desperate to get to. So really hope I do.

If I Could Only Keep 30 Books

A while ago I made a blog post about if I could only keep 30 books. Now I thought I would try it again as my tastes have changed and I am not the same person I was when I made that post. Although I would like to change it up a bit and sort of put my own spin on it. So I incorporated three rules that I will have to abide by. Now it’s not just 30 books but an additional two things. It will make sense as you read on I promise.

Rules were made to be broken.
  • Rule Number 1: I can chose three authors whose books I don’t have to count in my 30 books.
  • Rule Number 2: In addition to rule one I can chose three series to keep, that can include any future books in that series that are yet to be released.
  • Rule Number 3: Apart from when it clashes with the above two rules I can only have one book by each author.

Does that make sense? Hopefully if it does it will as we go on. This is going to be difficult. I can already tell that.

Three Authors.

Anyone who knows me could probably skip this part as they will automatically know my three authors. I will buy anything they ever write without question. Do you know them yet?

  • Alice Oseman – There is nothing that anyone can say that will change how I feel about Alice’s books.
  • Marissa Meyer – It’s only recently, this year in fact, that I fell in love with her writing. Now I will buy anything she writes.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon – I love his books. Slowly working my way through them and not a single one so far has got less that 4 stars.

How many did you guess correctly? Did I surprise you with that last one? Bet it wasn’t what you thought it would be. Well let me tell you a secret. It wasn’t what I thought it would be either.

Three Series

  • Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – I did think about putting Random Riggs in authors but went with series due to him only having this series out.
  • Pages And Co – I didn’t expect to love this series as much as I have so far but it’s just so wholesome and I always love falling into a new story.
  • Villains Series – Not sure what this series is called but it’s the origin stories of Villains by Serena Valentino and its so good. I need more books in it.

Now we come to the part of this blog I have been dreading. Time to pick the 30 books. Got a feeling I am going to wish I could have more than 30. But let’s get into it.

Number 1:

This was the first book I read on my own and I knew I had to include it.

Number 2:

This is a fast favourite. I read it in one sitting I just couldn’t put it down.

Number 3:

This books is so uplifting and Toff is the sweetest person.

Number 4:

I loved this book. It has such an interesting premice and I could never get rid of it.

Number 5:

This book is always going to be a favourite of mine. I loved it and found myself gripped from the start.

Number 6:

I have so many fond memories of this book, maybe one day I will do a blog post about it.

Number 7:

This book made me laugh and cry and totally broke me before lifting me up again. I loved it.

Number 8:

How could I not include a book of one of my favourite films ever.

Number 9

I have yet to read this book but I get the feeling I am going to be both broken and enjoy it.

Number 10:

I read this book just a couple of months ago and it was just amazing. It totally broke me but I loved it.

Number 11:

I loved this book so much more than I expected to. It made me go out and buy every Matt Haig Book currently out.

Number 12:

Again this is a book I have yet to read this book but it reminds me of Nerve and I really enjoyed that film.

Number 13:

Two words are needed to explain why I need to keep this book -Rumplestiltkin Retelling

Number 14:

I just love Captain Hook retellings and origin stories. Captain Hook is the love of my life.

Number 15:

Pretty much the same as the one above. I just love Captain Hook

Number 16

For so long this was my favourite book. I loved it. I still love it and really need to read it again.

Number 17:

This is just so funny. If you have read it you will know what I mean and I dare you to keep a straight face when I say the turkey

Number 18:

Another Rumplestilkin retelling. I haven’t read this one but I am so intrigued by it.

Number 19:

Something I have never seen before is a Labyrinth retelling or origin story and that is exactly what this is. It’s a slow read but amazing.

Number 20

Again it’s a Captain Hook retelling but not like one I have read before the love interest is interesting

Number 21

I did think about picking Lost Boy for this author but Girl in Red was just that little bit more unerving

Number 22

Cinderella is always going to be one of my biggest loves. So of course I loved this

Number 23

Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film and so when I realised I could include this as it’s a different author to So This Is Love and so it’s here.

Number 24

There was no way I was going to turn down having this cover on my shelf

Number 25

I am not a fan of Science Fiction but I really enjoyed this so much. It’s due a reread.

Number 26:

After loving Frankenstein so much I knew I had to try this and when I finally did I was gripped from page one

Number 27

My love of the Beatles means that I would never forgive myself if I got rid of this one.

Number 28

The final twisted tale I can include on here and not a popular choice but one of my favourites

Number 29

I love ghost stories and so this just seemed like a good idea to keep this one. Never read Edgar Allen Poe, but really want to

Number 30

It was a toss up between this and a few other Barnes and Noble bind ups and I went with this due to the cover.

And there we have it. That was so hard. I realised just how many books I wanted to keep. What books would you keep if you had to follow my rules? I would love to know.

Cyberbullies and Bullies

Recently the discusting thing that is cyberbulliying has come to my attention, I am not saying any names in this blog post and will refuse to name anyone who has been the inspiration for this post as in my opinion it will only give them the fuel to continue and I will get dozens of people trying to defend them

The people that I am talking about in this post will know exactly who they are and that is enough for me.

Before I get into anything else I just want everyone who had ever been made to feel worthless due to bullies be that online or face to face you are worth so much. You are valued and loved and don’t let any bullies tell you otherwise. I know from experience that bullies can make you feel as though you are worth nothing. I have been there. So again remember you are worth something. You are important and someone will only bully you due to jealousy or to make themselves feel like they are important.

In the next few paragraphs I will share with you some the experiences that I have had and that I have had with bullies and how they made me feel. Trigger warnings for talk about depression and anxiety.

My first experience with it was all through Primary School and most of secondary school. During this time I was pushed both down and up stairs at school, pushed into the road in front of cars walking home from school, had my hair pulled, homework ripped up, called names and worthless and so much more. The teachers were never bothered despite me begging for their help. Eventually we had to get the police involved and it was only then that the bullies stopped.

But the whole ordeal left me feeling like maybe I wasn’t worth anything. I was 15 and having been bullied from the age of 6 I realised that I didn’t know what to do without the bullies. In a way it felt like something was missing in my life because I felt miserable and useless despite not being told that I was worthless and being told that I should kill myself everyday. If all that was gone why did I feel like that.

I tried to take my own life, yes you heard that correctly, I took about 15 Ibrprophen before my mum caught me and took me to hospital, where obviously I was okay, but I was diagnosed with depression. Something that for years nobody except me and my mum knew. She was my rock and I was hers when we were together nothing could stop us and nothing bothered me anymore because I knew that she had my back and she helped me to fight my depression and over the next few years and by the time I was 19 I had it under control. Yes there were bad days but I fought through them.

Yet when I was 21 I lost my mum and my depression returned. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my life. I was back to feeling like I had nobody again, all I can say is I am so glad I had my sister to help me. She never gives up on me and when I am feeling at my worst and can’t get out of bed she lies next to me and just hugs me or just lets me sit and cry next to her. She is amazing.

But enough about that it’s time to move onto the cyberbullies that have targeted me and the people I care about over the last few years.

Someone who I thought was my friend bullied me off Facebook, it all started when everyone was posting about Lucifer being taken off air and I posted a simple post saying something like ‘So sick of seeing everyone talk about Lucifer, going on about it isn’t going to bring it back if it’s going to return it will’

The things that she said to me about that were just horrible she started spreading stuff about me and tries to stop my best friend from talking to me and actually in the end the bullying from her just made me not want to go on Facebook anymore so I deleted it. But not before she had managed to alienate me from everyone. I once again felt like crap.

This next paragraph contains racism, or at least someone being racist. Bullies name has been changed but my step sister’s is the same due to needing it for context

Last year Claire made my step sister cry after she mentioned that she didn’t notice something racist in a book that she read aged 11 that recently came out as racist. Claire’ response to her amongst other things was “She isn’t a woman of colour so she doesn’t get to decide who/what is racist” (When she assumed that just due to her name which is Rebecca she wasn’t of colour, the best way to describe my step sisters skin is like Megan Markle, so she is a woman of colour) something that my step sister said to her and her response to that was ‘Whatever, if you were a person of colour then your name would reflect that. I would suggest you stop trying to earn yourself respect by playing at being a woman of colour. Then a few weeks later she accused her of being ableist when she mentioned she didn’t have the ability to learn sign language due to her dyslexia, she aid he would love to learn but didn’t feel like she as able to do it and and would worry that she was saying something offensensive and then accused me of the same when I stuck up for her. But she was really rude about it. It may just have been the way we took things but she then lied about what we had said to her after she deleted our comments and spread around that we had been trying to boycott her and her readathon, she did this after blocking us, something I only found out days later as I have another Twitter account other than my main.)

Then only recently, a few weeks back now someone tried to call me out for being rude because I posted that I was allergic to something and therefore couldn’t have some flowers that had been sent to me. I said I had to throw them away or was thinking about giving them to a neighbor. They proceeded to say that I was being rude and ignorant for posting about it, I won’t share with you the messages that were sent over Twitter Dam’s bit they said some really horrible things and suggested that I delete my post or she will get me blocked from Twitter, plus other things.

Someone told me I was trying to cry for help, which is not the case. I just wanted to make people aware. If you feel as though you are being bullied then speak out. Get something done. It might seem hard but there will be someone out there who will help you get through it.

I for one will no longer stand for bullies. That is the reason I wrote this post. I no longer care what people think of me. It’s easy to bully someone but it takes a much stronger person to stand up and call out that person.

Bullying can cause people to feel the worst things about themselves. So before you say anything or do anything be that in person or from behind a screen just stop for ten seconds and think about how it would make you feel if someone said or did that to you. If it would make you feel anything other than happiness, love or just that you are worth something then maybe don’t say it.

Don’t be that person that tips someone over the edge and forces them to cause themselves pain. The odds are they are worth so much and you prevented them from reaching their true potential.

Merry Christmas

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

It’s finally here. There is going to actual real people taking part in a Frozen themed Readathon and I am so excited to be hosting it. I will be most active on the Discord but if you don’t have Discord of course you can still take part. There is no points system for this it’s just a nice way to have some.fun reading in the month of December.

The Rock Trolls couldn’t be in the picture as it took all of them to take the picture.

So here we go all the information you need is right here. Any questions just ask me

I have included blank copies of each Team’s Prompt Boards incase you want to use them over on the Discord or Twitter, if using Twitter use the Hashtag #DoYoWantToBuildASnowman

Obviously the second rule may have to be bent a little if you are using some Teams Perks.

Also just to clarify you can only use the perk for your own team and not others, plus you can only use your team perk for your teams prompts.

Team Elsa:

Team Anna:

Team Olaf:

Team Kristoff:

Team Rock Trolls:

30 Books In 30 Days

Okay so I decided to read a book for each day of November in November, yes I might be crazy as my birthday is in November and so not expecting to be able to read every day and I have tickets to go and see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella, which my sister bought me for my birthday and the new Pokémon Game comes out so I know I will be addicted to playing that but I have a lot of books to get through before the end of the year, not books I need to get through just books that I want to read. So splitting all that up with manga, graphic novels and actual novels I am going to see how far I get.

Nothing on this list is totally set in stone as it might change if I get some of them read in October. I will be doing an update post at end of November or beginning of December to document how well I did or how well I didn’t do.

Wish me luck.

1. Pokémon Collection 01
2. Pokémon Collection 02
3. Pokémon Collection 03
4. Pokémon Collection 04
5. Pokémon Collection 05
6. Pokémon Collection 06
7. Pokémon Collection 07
8. Pokémon Collection 08
9. Pokémon Collection 09
10. Shadowblack
11. Ash
12. Get A Life Chloe Brown
13. Take A Hint Dani Brown
14. Act Your Age Eve Brown
15.The Colour Purple
16. Finding Audrey
17. Shadowsong
18. We Are Okay
19. Cemetery Boys
20. The Book Smugglers
21. Sanctuary
22. Court of Miracles
23. Unbirthday
24. One True Loves
25. Peter and the Starcatchers
26. Annie
27. Children of Blood and Bone
28. Cold Hearted
29. Looking Glass
30. Cress

A-Zof Authors. Part 1

I saw this done somewhere and I can’t remember where it was or who created it. But I want to be sure to say that I give full credit to whoever it was who created this tag.

The Rules are as follows:

  • 1. Go through your bookshelves and pick out an author for each letter of the alphabet.
  • 2. Tell us a bit about your experience with this author.
  • 3. If you are missing any letters then it’s okay but try and complete as many as you can
  • 4. Tag others.

A is For Issac Asimov

I am not a huge fan of science fiction but there is a couple of his books that I have enjoyed. I like some of his short stories, especially Bicentennial Man and he is definitely an author I want to try and read more from. If anyone can get me into science fiction then it’s Issac Asimov both my dad and my sister are big fans of his work. Maybe one day he will convert me. He does seem to explain things well and that is my main problem with science fiction is that I don’t really understand it.

B is For Enid Blyton

I know some people fine her problematic and I can see exactly why. Sure what she wrote at the time wasn’t problematic but it hasn’t aged well. All the same she is an author I grew up reading. I learnt to read with her books and fell in love with the inhabitants of the Faraway Tree and went on so many amazing adventures with the Wishing Chair. I visited the circus and spent days with the Naughtiest Girl and so much more. I am am always going to love her books and nothing can change the happiness she brought to my childhood

C is For Lewis Carroll

I have always loved Alice in Wonderland and the many retellings that have spawned from it. Maybe even just coming in second best to retellings of Captain Hook. Alice in Wonderland both made me laugh and confused me when I first read it. I used to be obessed with the Mad Hatter, and to be honest I still am. I will always hold this book and Through the Looking Glass close to my heart. If this book hadn’t been written, despite its faults and the weirdness of the author and all the controversy around him, then I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of reading so many amazing retellings of Wonderland and it’s inhabitants.

D is For Arthur Conan Doyle

I will be the first to say I have no read much of Sherlock Holmes or even any of Arthur’s other works but what I have read I have really enjoyed. I love how Sherlock Holmes works things out so differently to other detectives. I do want to read more Sherlock Holmes. I will get around to it at some point I have got the whole collection of stories. It has been a few years since I first read any of them. I think the only one I have read is A Study in Scarlet, is that what it’s called. Although I do love the film’s with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.

E is For Micheal Ende

Not many of you will have heard this author but of I tell you something he wrote I am sure will know the book or at least the film’s that were based upon it. Micheal wrote The Never-ending Story. The book is so much better than the film’s and I am sure everyone loves Falcor the luck dragon. I don’t know much else that he has written but I know I want to dive headfirst into more of his work. Not much else that I can really say about him except that I now really want to go back and read The Never-ending Story again and binge watch the films

F is For Ken Follett

I have been collecting books by Ken Follett ever since I read a sample of A Place Called Freedom about ten years ago and always planned to read the whole thing but never have done and instead just kept buying his books. The time will come when I actually read his books. Just give me time. I read the sample at a time when I was not in a great place in my life and I guess it just worries me that I won’t love his books as much as I loved that small sample all those years ago.

G is For Philippa Gregory

I love historical fiction and Philippa has always been a huge favourite of mine. Mainly because a lot of her books take place over my favourite time period or historical period, that being the Tudors. She is an amazing writer and I guess I just love how she tells the facts in her own way and makes a story out of them. I do need to dive deeper into more of her writing, but for now I will stick with her Tudor fiction. It is amazing.

H is For James Herbert

His books creep the hell out of me. Well some of them do. I loved The Secret of Crickley Hall, and yes I have yet to watch the TV show but I just don’t want to ruin the book. Don’t even get me started on The Rats. That book gave me such bad nightmares and I couldn’t exactly say why. I tend to like his horror more than the thriller books he writes which is strange thrillers are usually my go to genre recently. I may not have read a huge selection of his books but he is certainly a favourite author of mine.

I is for Eowyn Ivey

I am not going to lie I struggled with this letter so I can only dread how hard X is going to be I may have to leave that one as blank. Anyway Eowyn wrote a book called The Snow Child. It was a little bit strange to say the least and not what I expected. I don’t know if I enjoyed it but I can say it is worth reading. The things that unfold in it appear to make no sense but once I had read it I think it made sense. Perhaps I should try and find other books by this author.

J is For Anna James

Anna James is an author that I have only recently discovered. The author of the Pages and Co series. How could I not love a book about books and a bookshop and fictional characters that come out of their books. It’s all just perfect and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I binged all the books in about two weeks. If you have yet to discover this author then you are missing out on so much. Do you love books? Are you a fan of classics? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need to read Anna James

K is For Sophie Kinsella

I bought the Confessions of a Shopoholic series on w him and binge read the first eight in a month. It was then that I bought the last two and a couple of her other books. I have yet to read them but I am saving them for when I need a quick contemporary read as I flew through each Shopoholic book I read and I am sure her other books will be just as good and just as quick. Love her writing style it’s so easy to read when you need something to satisfy your reading but your brain isn’t happy doing much work.

L is For T. M. Logan

I have only ever read one book from this author, it’s called Lies (or Liar) it I remember sitting reading it in one sitting. It set not far from where I live, in fact I used to live around the corner from the hotel where part of it is set and it just really gripped me. I didn’t see the ending coming at least not in the way it happened and if you like suspense then this is the thriller for you and I am looking forwards to reading more from this author.

M is for JoJo Moyes

If I had to pick a favourite author I couldn’t pick just the one but JoJo Moyes would definitely be up there in the ones that I mentioned. I have read pretty much every book she has ever written and the two I haven’t read yet I can’t wait to fit into a TBR. I love how she writes and how she does split time lines. One of my all time favourite books was written by her, actually scratch that two of them those being Me Before You and The Girl You Left Behind. I just love her books so much and can’t wait to read them all over again.

N is For Audrey Niffeneger

I found N rather hard to come up with and as soon as I had an N so many jumped out at me. Although. Have read two books from Audrey. I loved the Time Travellers Wife and the other book I read I wasn’t a great fan of I can even remember the name of the title but it was something about symmetry and it involved two sisters one of who was dead or something. I don’t really know but it didn’t grip me that much. I don’t know if she has any other books out but if I do come across them I may have to try some.

O is For Alice Oseman

Is anyone really surprised? Alice is my favourite author in the world. I have read everything that they/she has ever written and loved each and every one of them. All of them have gotten five stars from me, except Solitaire which got a very high four stars. Nick and Charlie are just my favourite fictional characters ever and I can’t wait to watch Heartstopper, unfortunately I can’t watch it on Netflix but the moment it’s on Freeview or DVD then I will be watching it. I could go on about Alice for ages and sing their praises but instead I will leave it here.

For now I am going to leave it here and carry on in another blog post to come hopefully soon. If I don’t post a follow up in the next few days then please someone pull me up on it.

A Cover Is Not The Book Readathon

It’s time to finally announce the Readathon that I have been working on for the past couple of months. I do have plans to host more after this, based on other Disney films.

Have you guessed the film yet? Of course you have it’s Mary Poppins. I did decide to combine both films as it seemed more fun and gave more range of different prompts and teams.

This readathon will take place from July 1st to August 10th. You can either start it when it turns midnight on July 1st in your timezone or in the BST timezone. Although it will end at midnight BST on August 10th regardless.

So as I mentioned there will be teams, and it may be slightly competitive but I am no good at creating spread sheets so I will be making a Google form to fill in with a simple way for me to tally up prompts, unless anyone is able to make me a spread sheet. I would be forever in your debt for

The Teams are: Team Mary Poppins, Team Banks, Team Jack and Team Bert

Now let’s get into the prompts, which will also be in the discord. Links to that and the Twitter page will be at the bottom of this blog.

  • Prompts:

Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way so naturally you must read a 5 star prediction.

Bert: The loyal friend who is always there to cheer up those who are feeling down so read a book with a loyal friend/character

The Banks: This family comes with a whole set of problems, yet in the end they always come together so read a book with strong family values/relationships

Jack: This cheerful Leary was not only the apprentice of Bert but Mary Poppins was his nanny when he was a boy so read a book with a mentor or someone who looks out for another character.

  • Mary Poppins:
  • The Perfect Nanny: Read a book with either a nanny or a foster family.
  • Sister Suffragette: Read a book set during the suffragette movement or with women empowerment
  • The Life I Lead: Read an autobiography or a fictional work where someone specifically tells their own story.
  • A Spoonful of Sugar: Read a book that you think will be a light-hearted read.
  • Jolly Holiday: Read a book set in a country other the country you live in
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Read the longest book on your TBR. Manga or graphic novels can’t be counted for this prompt.
  • Stay Awake: Read a book in one sitting or over a 24 hour period
  • I Love To Laugh: Read a book you think will make you laugh
  • Feed The Birds: Read a book with a bird on the cover
  • Fidietly Fiduciary Bank: Read your most expensive book.
  • Chim Chimney: Read a book where the main character has a job
  • Step In Time: Read a book you want to read or the first book you think of
  • Lets Go Fly A Kite: Read the final book in a series or the last book in a series that is published.
  • Mary Poppins Returns
  • Can You Imagine That: Read a fantasy set in a different world.
  • The Royal Dalton Music Hall: Read a book that features music or a musician
  • A Cover Is Not The Book: You get double points for this book but can only complete it once. Read a book that you don’t like the cover of.
  • The Place Where The Lost Things Go: Read a book where a character loses someone or a book set in Heaven
  • Turning Turtle: Read a manga
  • Trip a Little Light Fantastic: Read a book where the main character needs guidance or gives guidance
  • Nowhere to Go But Up: Read the next book in a series
  • Underneath the Lovely London Sky: Read a book set in London

Now that we have the prompts sorted let me get into the points. I am going to have to trust you not to lie about it all.

You get 100 points for each 100 pages you read and 50 points for any number less than that. So if a book is 499 pages then you get 450 points. However you would also get 450 points for a book with 401 pages.

On top of the page count you get 50 points for each prompt you fill out. Although you can only use a book to cover a maximum of four prompts.

The only book you can’t double up is the book you pick for the prompt A Cover is not the Book. The double points for this work out as 200 in place of 100 and 100 in place of 50 in the way that is explained above

Also remember you get double points for reading a book for your own teams prompt. But you can only complete that prompt once.


If you think a book counts for a prompt then it counts but you can always ask in the discord, which I will list below. You can also ask on the official Twitter page or on my personal Twitter, again which will be down below.

For a book to count you must fi out the Google Docs form that I will release a few days before the Readathon starts. Any books entered before the start date will not be counted.

I think that is everything covered if there is something I have missed then I will address it.

Before we get any further let me get one thing clear

Although seriously of you confused about something ask over on Twitter or discord
  • Discord: Where most of the action will be is https://discord.gg/DWFnyKRqn9
  • If the discord link doesn’t work then just contact me on one of the above Twitter accounts (preferably my personal Twitter) and I will send you a link.

Alice Oseman Reading Order

I had all this typed up on my phone and then my phone decided to delete it all. It’s reasons like this that I hate my phone and I know it hates me. We just have to live with each other.

So lets get into the purpose of the books.

You could really read them in any order you like. But a few people have been asking what order to read Alice Oseman’s books in and the best thing is to read them in one of two ways. The first is read the standalones then move onto the series in publication order and the second is to read the standalones and then read the series is chronological order.

If you are confused don’t worry I am here to help. So the standalones are as follows:

Radio Silence
I Was Born For This
Solitaire ??

Why the question marks after Solitaire? Well the reason for this is you could read it separately as a standalone as it is in its own right but it does follow the events of Heartstopper series. Now hold on this is where it can get complicated. I decided to leave off publication order and just decided to go with the order I would recommend reading them and that is in Chronological order.

Heartstopper Volume One
Heartstopper Volume Two
Heartstopper Volume Three
Heartstopper Volume Four
This Winter
Nick and Charlie

Technically This Winter takes place about three quarters of the way through Heartstopper Volume Four but it’s much easier to read it afterwards as a way of getting more details.

Any confusion just let me know and I can help you out
I hope this has cleared up a few questions.

What annoys you ?

There are a lot of things that really annoy me but the one thing that I am talking about right now is when someone takes your ideas, changes them around a little to just make them seem as though they are their own. Although having spent six months working on something, actually putting it into action and then spend it another six months planning round two and having it almost ready to announce, but as I mentioned above someone taking the idea.

It can’t be claimed as original as mine was done first and there was three rounds of it, although to be fair only the last round was copied. It just really does grind my gears and has put me off wanting to plan anything more.

It isn’t the first time it’s happened either, the first time was a real stab in the back, a twist of the knife and recording to the slow demise. I mean that.time the person who I planned it all with down to the last detail was one the people in charge of something that was really similar pretty much just different team names but all the characters and prompts were practically the same.

I just feel like history is repeating itself and it makes me.so angry that six months worth of work and planning has now just been flushed down the drain.

If you do know what I am talking about then keep it down on the back burner and don’t mention it in any comments as I am already angry and had to delete the discord and accounts that are associated with my original idea.

Maybe at some point in the future I might plan another one, but if I do and it gets stolen again then I will not stay silent about it. It isn’t fair to steal ideas from others.

Legend of Zelda Readathon

Breath of the Wild.

So it’s finally time for my third Readathon in my Legend of Zelda Series and I am not sure where to go after this one. If you guys all still want another one then I will do my best to plan one but not really all that sure. If I do another Readathon it might be based on something else. I do have a few ideas about that, but never mind that right now.

This Readathon will take place from February 1st 2021 to March 7th 2021.

All links to pages will be down below, as I find it easier to do it that way when writing a long post. I will also have them pinned on bother the readathons Twitter page and on the discord channel, probably in Hyrule Fields.

We have the princess of Hyrule to save from Calamity Ganon.

I am doing this a little differently. Instead of posting all the prompts here I will only be posting them in the channels dedicated to each team. Although if you are not on discord please don’t worry of you drop me a message over on my twitter account and let me know what team you want I will let you know the prompts for your chosen team.
Teams are Team Zora, Team Rito, Team Goron and Team Gerudo.
Each team has their ow champion and that comes with their own separate ability can both help or hinder you depending on if you plan to use it.

Champion Urbosa – Urbosa’s Fury

You are furious about one of your prompts so using the thunder of your champion Urbosa you can shock the Zora’s and steal one of their prompts. Although doing this comes with a price as you can only read this book during the hours of 7am – 9am and 7pm – 9pm ( in your timezone)

Champion Revali -Revali’s Gale
Revali will allow you to fly over any prompt and ignore it. Although this comes with a price to pay as when you come to defeating Ganon you must instead read the equivalent of 1500 pages instead of just 1000, as let’s face it he really shouldn’t have lost to Windblight Ganon.

Champion Mipha – Mipha’s Grace

Mipha has given you healing powers and allowed you to complete the same prompt twice and swap out one prompt you don’t like if you want. However of course this comes with a price you can only read this book in daylight and the book you choose must be over 400 pages.

Champion Daruk – Daruk’s Protection

Daruk can grant you temporary protection from the rules instead of completing one of your prompts you can swap it out for Akkala Towers prompt. Yet the price you will need to pay for this is you can only read this book at night or between the hours of 8pm to 5am.

Now that you have the abilities of your champions you are free to pick your teams. Unless you have already.
Also the prompt that all teams share is Hyrule Fields.

Then finally all that is left is to use a combination of the following prompts to defeat Ganon himself. You can read as many or as little books as you want but you do have to read a total of at least 1000 pages to defeat him.
You must pick on tower and one location at minimum.
Plus if you finish then please do complete more books. You have until March 15 officially but if you want to complete all prompts the nothing is stopping you. You have until the second round in either September or November not decided yet.


Hyrule Fields: Read a book that was published at least five years ago.

Ganon – Combine at least one location and one tower to complete this prompt. Although must read at least 1000 pages this can be over two books or even 12 books.

Tower Prompts:

I may have gotten a few towers mixed up, it’s been a while since I have played a game on Breath of the Wild.

Great Plateau Tower – This is the first tower you claim and have to claim to complete the game. Read the first book you think of.

Central Tower – This tower is covered and guardian by the Guardians of Hyrule that Ganon has turned against us all. Read a hard cover to block those lasors.

Ridgeland Tower – Wizrobe and electric Lizalfos make climbing this tower very hard read a hard cover with yellow on the cover or a hard cover with gold foiling.

Lake Tower – I found this to be one of the easiest towers to claim having only a few Lizalfos to defeat to get there so read a Middle Grade or Novella to complete this tower.

Gerudo Tower – This tower is the tallest to climb, the best way to climb it is to glide onto it from a high cliff. Read a book that you came across randomly or a book you bought on a whim

Tabantha Tower – Ganon’s Malice makes this tower difficult to say the least defeat all that nasty Malice by reading a book over 500 pages.

Hebra Tower – This tower is in a really cold climate and covered in ice. In order to climb it read a book with the words snow or ice in the title or a book set in a cold climate.

Wasteland Tower – Due to this tower being in the middle of a swamp and unable to get to with the use of either Cryonosis or knocking a pillar down read a book that is at least in part set in a swamp/marshland or a book you previously DNF’d

Faron Tower – This tower has you fighting keese if you climb at night and bring in the middle of a forest that is famous for its thunderstorms read a book with a bat on the cover or a book set in a forest.

Hateno Tower – To climb this tower you must first eliminate the thorns fight them with fire by reading a book with an orange cover or a book with thorns on the cover.

Akkala Tower – One of the hardest to get to it’s surrounded by Bokoblins, Malice and Sky Guardians in order to complete it read the longest book you own or a book over 700 pages.

Lanayru Tower – To climb this tower you will find yourself fighting Moblins as you climb a cliff face read a book with a weapon on the cover.

Duelling Peaks – This tower is surrounded by water so to climb it you are going to need to once again use Cryonosis. Read a book that takes place on an island or a book with a world connected to our world, an example would be Narnia.

Woodland Tower – This is in the middle of a Bokoblins training camp so read a book with an epic battle or a battle or a book with a battle for survival.


Lake Hylia – Read book with water on the cover or a book with a Goddess as the main character

Temple of Time – Read a book either set in the past or the future or a book set in two time zones.

Korok Forest – The Koroks seem to end up everywht and without any explanation. Read a book you have seen everywhere but know nothing about

Lost Woods – The white fog makes it really hard to navigate so close your ends and blindly choose a book or pick a book with a completely white cover.

Kakariko Village – Due to the villagers being calming and friendly read a book with a tight friendship or a book that has a strong family bond.

Hateno Village – This is where Link buys an old.abandoned house. Read a book where someone moves house or a book that features an old abandoned building.

Lurelin Village – This beautiful is more like a coastal town set on the beaches of Hyrule read a book set in a coastal setting or a book with a Beautiful cover.

Hebra Mountain – Hebra mountains have a colony of Lynels living there. Read a book with a mythical create either on the cover of as part of the plot.

Akkala Highlands – Guardians, Bokoblins, Moblins you name it they are all there. Read a book you think will take you by surprise or read a 5 star prediction.

Faron Woods – Read a book that has lightening on the cover or a book with trees on the cover.

Tarry Town – Link helped create this town by recruiting people from around Hyrule. Pick a prompt from a team that isn’t your own to complete this prompt.

Any questions please don’t fail to ask me.


Twitter: @KateADale or @LinktothepastR
Discord: Is in the pinned tweet of @Linktothepast Twitter.