30 Books In 30 Days

Okay so I decided to read a book for each day of November in November, yes I might be crazy as my birthday is in November and so not expecting to be able to read every day and I have tickets to go and see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella, which my sister bought me for my birthday and the new Pokémon Game comes out so I know I will be addicted to playing that but I have a lot of books to get through before the end of the year, not books I need to get through just books that I want to read. So splitting all that up with manga, graphic novels and actual novels I am going to see how far I get.

Nothing on this list is totally set in stone as it might change if I get some of them read in October. I will be doing an update post at end of November or beginning of December to document how well I did or how well I didn’t do.

Wish me luck.

1. Pokémon Collection 01
2. Pokémon Collection 02
3. Pokémon Collection 03
4. Pokémon Collection 04
5. Pokémon Collection 05
6. Pokémon Collection 06
7. Pokémon Collection 07
8. Pokémon Collection 08
9. Pokémon Collection 09
10. Shadowblack
11. Ash
12. Get A Life Chloe Brown
13. Take A Hint Dani Brown
14. Act Your Age Eve Brown
15.The Colour Purple
16. Finding Audrey
17. Shadowsong
18. We Are Okay
19. Cemetery Boys
20. The Book Smugglers
21. Sanctuary
22. Court of Miracles
23. Unbirthday
24. One True Loves
25. Peter and the Starcatchers
26. Annie
27. Children of Blood and Bone
28. Cold Hearted
29. Looking Glass
30. Cress


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