Blogtober Plans

So if I did this correctly then it is October 1st and therefore the start of blogtober, although I am not to sure that I am going to get a blog up for each day but we will see. I am determined to try and keep it up. Might try and do some random idea for blogs, using a random items generator and do a blog post on that item, but I think I am going to mainly focus on books.
The plan was to do my October TBR but I am not sure what I am doing with it just yet as I pulled out of one Readathon and decided to take part in another one, so that is all haywire at the minute, so instead I am just going to try and do an October wrap up on 31st and let you know what I have read through the month.
I think mainly this post is or was going to just be a way to tell you all that I do plan on taking part in Blogtober and that the Readathons I am taking part in are HocusPocusReadathon and also going to try and take part in Victober as I would like to try and get back into reading a few classics, tried it a few months back and just never actually got around to it.
So although I have almost got my Readthon TBR planned, as I am writing this ahead of time it is most likely to change.

The final thing that I would like to get out there is that my LinkToThePastReadathon , which I am so excited to be hosting is going to be taking place in the Month of November, but please do check it out before then as there are some advantages to that, as you can pick your team in advance. Although if you are not bothered about your team then I will randomly generate you one. There is a giveaway at the end of of it for two winners, which I have put at the bottom of the blog. Also there is going to be a quick little sign up sheet, which I will link on the information post about the readathon, that you can find on my twitter KateADale, which will also have a link to the blog post and anything that you would like to know just DM me (on twitter) and I will get back to you ASAP.
So do look out for that. to finish off I am going to say good luck with your reading, no matter what Readathons you are taking part in or if you are just reading for pleasure this month and going with what you feel like. get in some of those spooky reads that you have been saving up for all year and I hope you reach your reading goals for the month.=, if of course you set them. I know that some people don’t and just pick up what they feel like and don’t really keep track of how many books they read.
I do have to admit that untill recently, July I think, I never really used to keep track. I just one day decided that I was going to keep a journal of what I was reading, make a monthly TBR and try and stick to it. So far I am doing okay and actually really enjoying myself and getting into the swing of things now.

Sorry this is rather a short post, but the next ones will be longer, hopefully. Please don’t hold me to that.


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